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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

I went to the grocery with my wife this afternoon, because I was off from work and this is the only time my wife and I could go shopping together for food, because I work during the weekend.

We were heavy laden with groceries, and I was driving the grocery cart to the parking lot, which is a little bit away from the rest of the cars parked at the lot.

Right besides my SUV is an old american car, and there was this big African American man who was on the side of his car ---- and of course since his car is parked besides my car, I was startled. The area is still covered with snow, so there's not much people in the area were I parked.

Then this big man asked me: "Why are you looking at me"?

I got a little bit intimidated, and my wife could sense it, so she said to me in Tagalog, to let it be and let it pass. She said there is nothing I will gain if I argue with this Big Black Man.

I was really intimidated with the questioning of this man and the way he asked me about it.

So I asked him back :"How do you know I am looking at you --- Maybe you were the one looking at me that is the reason you know I was looking at you!".

This man shook his head and looked at me, and said: " Boy... you have a big problem!". Then he walked away from us and returned back to the grocery.

Then my wife and I took off.

Pero Auntie Patti Koh....will you blame me, if a Black man out of the blue appears infront of you and gets you startled. What will your reaction be.?


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