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Monday, February 27, 2006


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

This evening, we were a little bit relax at work, even there were lots of calls from whinning passengers. We have to take a mental break from all the calls, so some of us, took turns to do something to relax our minds or else we will go nuts and loose our sanity at work with all the volumes of irate callers.

I was trying to read a book for a few minutes and there is this girl besides me in our four person cubicle who was playing with her needle works that she always take to work, in case we are not busy.

I tell you, this woman is so big, that she was given a chair that does not have an armrest or else she will not fit into it. Of course, there's quite a number of them at work, who have this type of problem --- big as beach whales.

Let us call her Myrna (not her real name). She was contineously playing with her needle work and caught off balance on her chair and she fell on the floor.

I swear to God, when she fell on the floor, it was like a rumble and a big and loud thunder came into the office and rattled my area where I was sitting. Nobody said a word. Myrna is trying to get up from the floor, but everytime she holds the chair, it will fall on her again. Nobody said anything and nobody did anything to help Myrna in her predicament. She was seated in the same cubicle as mine, and all of the girls are all staring at me.

To break the ice I said....."Sorry, honey --- I treasure my faily jewel. If I pick you up, that is the end of my clan". The entire floor started laughing and that was the only time everybody said something.

Myrna looked at me and said to me ..."Don't worry hon' I can manage. Now I know I cannot depend on you in case I get raped outside". The more the laughter ensued.

Pero, Auntie Patti Koh....she is as big as a walrus and I cannot really pick her up from the floor and help her stand. I am not into severe HERNIA!!


Blogger Robin said...

You might not be big enough to pick her up, but you should be a big enough human to be kind to her. Some of your blogs are heart-rendingly lovely, but you have several, like these that are inhumane. Is your 'Auntie' female? Does she approve?

10:22 PM  

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