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Friday, April 14, 2006


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

Spring time is here. I have already cleaned my front lawn and the backyard. The entire dried leaves from my oak tree at the front lawn has been gathered and cleaned, and the branches of the old oak tree has already been trim by a professional tree doctor.

The apple trees in my backyard, three of them, I have already cleared all the dry leaves and yes -- I have trim some of the branches also. I don't know why I always clean and trim my apple trees when I don't gather the fruits anyway. The birds and squirrel are the only one having a feast on the fruits of my apple trees.

Last year, I called the neighbors kids and told them to harvest all the fruits from the tree. I don't have a tall tree, it is enough to use a ladder to gather the fruits from the top part of the tree. I have two trees of Green delicious apple and one Red.At first I wanted to plant one tree only, but I was told that it will not bear fruit if there is no partner. So I ended up having three apple trees at the back of the house, and they are now severn years old. I did not know I will get tired of it, and so does my two boys. They are already grown and no longer interested in harvesting the apples, and they are no longer living with me and my wife. That is a different story. They prefer to be independent on their own.

I have cleared the patches for this seasons eggplant. I planted lots of eggplants last year and it was a good harvest. I did not get anything from the Jalapeno that I have planted last year, so I will not venture planting them this season. I will stick to eggplant. And besides, my in laws always comes to harvest the eggplants. I can only eat as much, that is bad for my Gout problem.

The flower box has been cleaned and hopefull, I will have lots of mums this year again, just like last season. My daffodils in yellow and white colors has already come out from the ground. My tulips are all out but there are no flowers yet. The new blades of grass has came out and surprisingly the magnolia tree has already started bringing out their flowers. I think this will be a good spring and summer.

There are lots of jack rabbit in the morning, when I come home. This is the reason why my dog always looks outside at the window, but never barks at these jack rabbit. I have killed one jack rabbit the other night. That is not my fault, the rabbit just ran when I was in the driveway. I am trying to avoid the skunk. That will be the end of everything if the skunk build the den in my yard. Hopefully not.

So, Auntie Patti Koh --- I cannot wait for the fullness of spring to come. I love all the flowers and the colors around me. The abundant yellow color is all over the place. I LOVE IT.



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