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Monday, April 10, 2006


When I am taking my 30 minutes lunch break everyday, I normally walk around the big parking lot that we have at work. My office is at the north end of the runway of one of the biggest and busiest airport in the world.

The parking lot is surrounded by small shrubs and bushes. When the airport did not expand their runway, we could always find lots of deer in the parking lot, running and getting startled by people starting their engines and then the herd will run away. One time, a doe went inside the airport and went under the desk of the clerk inside O'hare airport. They cannot undertand how on earth this deer was able to get inside the secured area of O'Hare airport.

Well that is another story. Going back again on my lunch break, I often walk with some of my co-workers around the parking lot, around 930Pm. This is to break the monotonous work that we have, always sitting down, listening to all the complaints of the passengers.

We were on the sidewalk, trying to have some fun, talking and still talking about how this passenger and how this passenger was. There was a full moon and although it was cold, all four of us (two guys and two femme) we are contended to walk around.

There was this lady who overtook us, and I yelled at her not to be close to the bushes because I saw two skunks out there, frolicking. I don't know it she heard me or she just ignored me. The poor lady startled the frolicking skunk and she got sprayed. There goes the entire neighborhood.

We went inside immediately. Our building is a secured building and we have to use our ID magnetic card to get in the building. This lady that was sprayed by the Skunk forgot her ID and have to ring the buzzer and ask to be admitted and said that she got sprayed by the Skunk. She was not given entry into the building-- was advised to just go home because the smell of the Skunk spray in her body and clothes will be inside the entire building. We are in an enclosed building, and that will be enough to succumb all of us.

Did you know. in order to remove the smell of the Skunk, one has to practically has to shower with tomato juice ---- lots lotsa of tomato juice.

Auntie Patti Koh --- I don't know who to pity.... the startled Skunk, or the lady who startled the skunk.


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