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Monday, April 10, 2006


My two boys was so happy to have her in the house.

She was our princess. My two boys treat her with respect, plays with her and takes good care of her. When the boys are going to their friends house, she tags along with them. She is always the apple of the eyes of my son's friends. She watches the football games at the field, listen to the concert, watch with us, the July 4th fireworks.

My eldest son, always see to it that she has been given all the things that she needed. During Christmas time, she always gets presents from all of us. On winter time walk, she is bundled up properly and on summer time, her hair is properly placed on a bun and a chignon' looking type of hair do, created by my wife for her.

She watches all of the activities in the house, learning from it and when we tell her not to mess up the house -- she follows it to the letter.

My wife had surgery and I was at work, the boys was in school -- it was only the two of them who was left at the house. My wife told me, she has kept vigil over her and have watched all of her move, including going to the bathroom.

When I was ill, she was the one watching over me also. She shows respect and will not make noise when I was in pain. She knows how to give me privacy and knows my temperament. I have nothing to say nor complain about her.

She is now 11 years old and in the human life --- she is at least 60 years of age.

Her name is MISTY.... a pure bred BICHON FRISCHE, that came to our lives when she was only 6 days old.

I have taken her home with me, to the Philippines, when I was working for a Japanese shipping company, training Filipino seamen at their training center in Sucat, Paranaque, Metro Manila. When I signed a 6 years contract with this Japanese firm to overseas training in Manila -- my dog was with me. My family was left back in the states. I travelled a lot, visiting ships all over the world, where I was asked by the Japanese to visit.

After my contract, I came back home with Misty.
She was misrouted by the airline that I took from Manila and ended up in Salt Lake City, three days after. When she came home, my dog was so jetlag.

Auntie Patti Koh.... my dog is now in her prime. She is hard in hearing and the vet said to be careful in giving her food. The vet does not want her to have athritis. If anything happens to my dog, I will be devastated. She has been part of the family and our lives.


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