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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

I cannot understand this weather. I was out to pick up my wife at the train station because he commutes and take the Metra Train since she works at Chicago dowtown and we live in the suburbs. It is so hard to park at te downtown area, so she takes the Metra train and then to save some time in the afternoon, I just go to the terminal and pick her up.

On the way to the train station the rain poured like anything. It was pouring by the bucket and the sky is so dark. Then after driving for at least 5 miles to the train station....the rain turned in hale. It was so bad, I could see some car under neath the via duct waiting for the hale to pass by.

Do I really care?

I just kept on driving. I have to be at the train station prior the arrival of the train so that my wife won't be waiting for a long time at the terminal with this bad weather.

Three miles to the train station, there was this car who was driving so fast ahead of me and did not even bother to slow down even the weather is so bad and the clouds was so dark and scary even it was only 4PM. Then three miles before I exit for the terminal, I saw the car who was speeding ahead of me, at the side of the toll with a flat tire. Its good the car did not slip and created an accident.

Do I really care?

With this type of driver who does not have any respect for others and is not so scared about the weather and road conditions should be given a lesson. So I excited the toll and went straight to the train station to pick up my wife.

Then when my wife is already inside the car, and we were on our way home, the rain stopped but the sky did not cleared at all. It was still dark and there was still a looming bad weather and I can see from the distance that the rain is on going to where we live. So, then we kept on driving and we were inside the toll way system and there was bumper to bumper traffic now. Then we saw an accident on the other lane of the toll way. It was a chain of five cars that bumped into each other.

Do I really care?
Yes I do care. I hope there is no fatalilty on the five car accident. The road is very tricky and slippery.

And so Auntie Patti Koh, at times I cannot control myself, saying to myself that I don't really care. But there are some situations, that one has to care. We need to feel also at times the situations and feelings of others, like the chain of car accidents. I pray to God nobody is hurt.


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