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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

This day is so boring. I am about to die of boredom. I am like the Prisoner of Senda in my house with this kind of weather. After undergoing a series of below zero temperature, especially after me, just arriving last two weeks from the warm climate of Manila, I do am adjusting to the extreme cold condition.

Now, this past three days, we are caught up with snow storm. It is so hard to clear the snow at the backyard of my house because the yard is so big and there are wide space to plow the snow but no place to dump it except on the side of the fence and underneat the apple trees. My dog is even buried underneat those apple trees and now I am burying my dog with snow and tons and tons of it too.

I did not care to salt the driveway after I have plowed the snow. I am so tired and I smell like carbon monoxide from the smoke coming from the exhaust pipe of the snow blower. My smaller snowblower gave up and is no longer working. I will not bring it to the repair shop anymore. That small snow blower is now history. I am using a bigger one and this has a powerful engine. But the problem with this one, is that I am to use reverse and it takes longer time to maneuver and drag the snow blower around. The throwing power of this blower is very good.

Right now, as I am documenting this as I look outside the window, it is not very promising. The snow is still falling and the sky is becoming very dark and the visibility outside is very bad. I will wait until the weather clears before I clear the snow again.

What a mess.

And so Auntie Patti Koh, I cannot wait to go back to Pinas this Satruday 17Feb and will forget about the snow and the weather that is so cold it is chilling my bones and my body.


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