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Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

I just assisted another friend in trouble. He committed himself to host party for his friends at work, asked a private caterer to do the catering for their Christmas party, but last minute the caterer backed out.

Here comes the Lone Ranger.

I was called, and I was surprised because this friend of mine does not ask me favors. He is very polite and very careful about our friendship. He said he does not want to loose my friendship and my family's. But he said he does not have anobody to run to. So he called me and was asking for an apology and was really explaining himself to me. I told him it was nothing, as long as I am free. And I was free and available.

I listed my proposed menu based on their budget. He was asking me if I can really cook and prepare all the food that I have listed. I told him that I could do it and will be the one to set the food and will let him use my chaffing dish and plates and silverwares. I told him he needs to provide the wine glasses and champagne glasses.

The part was held at my friends office. There's at least 50 employees and friends at the party. I cooked for 80 people.

- Shanghai Fried Egg Roll
- Teriyaki chicken
- Meatballs in sweet spicy plum sauce

- Macaroni salad
- Cucumber salad in sweet ginger dressing

- Lemon Chicken
- Orange Fish (Blue Fish)
- Cantonese noodle w/stir friend vegetables
- Beef short ribs in mandarin sauce
- Minced beef in five spice
- Shrimp in red pepper sauce
- Steam rice and Java rice

- Fruit salad in custard dressing
- Leche Flan
- Buco - Pandan gumbo

And so Auntie Patti Koh, the guest liked the food very much. I got a lot of compliments and the group of my friend cannot believe that they got so much for the amount of money they paid me. I told the office mates of my friend, that I did it for my friend and I don't do it as a business. I got lots of offer to cook for them on their next office function. There was a smart ass employee who sarcastically asked me if I am allowed to handle the food. I showed him my license issued by the state of Illinois and I told him there is a bigger version of the I.D. license at home hanging on the wall. I told him, I even have my cooking certificate from Del Monte Kitchen and the Chinese Cooking School of Northside.

My friend did not know, that I do this as a business. Of course I dont' want to advertise, I just want it by mouth.

I have good money on this! I am so happy!


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