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Friday, December 08, 2006


Dear Auntie Pattie Koh,

Today, my new dog that replaced my beloved Misty that died three weeks ago is now fully adjusted in my home. Of course I still miss my dog Misty and I always talk to her in her grave underneath the apple at the backyard. I will never forget her. She has been my dog for 17 years.

My new dog, named Bombolini, Bombo for short, is now very adjusted in his new home. I got him from the Shelter and he was only 9 months old. He is a pure breed Grayish black Shitzhu. Very playful and wanted to walk to the park all of the time.

But with the recent snow storm, he is now confined at the basement. He knows where to relieve himself. There is always newspapers on the floor where he relieves himself. I took him out for a walk this evening with amidst the very cold winter wind and the temperature is below zero. He prefers to walk in the snow than walking in the sidewalk. Very playful and wanted to play in the snow while we walk.

The snow in the park has turned into rock hard ice because of the winter wind that kept on blowing. After relieving himself and me picking up his mess and throwing it in the garbage, we continued on for another two blocks of walking until I finally decided to end the walk and just head back home because of the bitter wind and the cold temperature outside.

This dog is so energetic and listens to the things I asked him to do and commands. I don't need to take him to obedient schooling. The people from the animal shelter when I adopted him, said he was owned by an elderly coupke who decided to live in a senior citizen housing that does not allow animals. So they gave up Bombo and I ended up adopting him.

When I walk inside the shelter, inspecting hundreds of animals in their cages, this particular dog caught my attention. He does not bark and when the caretaker took him out of the cage so I could walk him around the complex and be acquainted with him, Bombo was so playful and wanted me to carry him. He was so heavy and a little bit chubby. When I returned him back to his kennel, I immediately asked the people at the shelter that I wanted to adopt the dog. Since they said I have cared for a dog for 17 years, they will immediately give the dog to me and will have to take the dog the next day from the vet who will do proper procedures and medical check up on this dog.

So, Auntie Patti Koh, I have a new dog to fill in the void on the death of Misty. She will always be in our hearts, but I needed another dog to look after and to look after me and my wife also. People back home are all laughing when I told them the story of this dog and how I miss my previous dog. They cannot understand that attachment I have and the people in the states when it comes to animal care and loving. Some folks back home even eat their pet dog, for reasons I cannot understand.


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