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Sunday, November 12, 2006


Dear Aunti Patti Koh,

Today, Sunday 13th of November 2006, my dog Misty passed away at the age of 17 years human life (84 years on dog's life). MY dog is a pure breed Bichon Frise and came to our life two day after her birth. She grew up with us, even if her mother has not yet whine her from being breast fed.

My dog did not give us any problem. She never disturbs us by making noise and does not bark a lot. She will only make noise when there is strong lightning and thunderstorm. Then she will stick near me when I am at home. She follows me all over the place at the house. She sleeps with me and while I am at work (I work nights), she will be with my wife in the bedroom with her until I come in and go to my own bedroom. I prefer not to disturb my wife when I come home at 330am, she wakes up at 430am and then leaves the house at 530am for work. I don't want to be disturb when I am already sleeping, because I cannot go back to sleep. So my wife had an arragement like this, wherein both of us will have some time and will not be disturbing each other. My dog has been my constant companion at home during the day, after my wife left the house for work. By the time, my wife is about to return home from work, I am leaving the house and will leave my dog Misty behind.

My two boys have their own apartment and so the entire house where we live, is only for me, my wife and my dog misty.

She was in pain last night. I stood vigil with her till 4am. Then I was able to sleep at 4am and when I came down to the basment bedroom where I left Misty, she was breathing heavily and was really crying --- as if in pain but cannot tell me what and where the pain is. I can't take her to any animal hospital. There is nothing open during the weekend.

I cannot watch my dog suffer so I told my wife this noon time that we need to go out and do some errands. When I arrived home at 5pm, Misty was so still in her bed, but she was still warm and her fur is still damp. She just exasperated not too long ago when I arrived home. I took her in my hands and kept on crying. Nobody could understand this attachment to a dog and a loving pet back home in the Philippines. But my dog has been part of our lives for the past 17 years. She was a family and she will be missed very much.

I immediately dug up the grave for Misty, in between the two apple trees at the back yard, then I covered it with five hollow blocks so that no animal will be digging her grave. I lighted a candle in one of the holes of the hollow blocks and it is still glowing. It will glow the whole night. When summer comes, i will fix her grave and will buy a marker for her.

And so Auntie Patti Koh, a portion our lives has been snatched away from us.
We will all miss my dog Misty very much.

She is at Peace and Resting now.
We all Love her and will Miss her badly.


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