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Thursday, November 02, 2006


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

I finally did it. I have retired from my job at the major airline that I work for. It was a relief. I took this early retirement because I can see what is happening in the department. I work at the call center for all the complaints of passengers on their lost bags and other related problems about bags.

The incoming calls are now being answered by these people in Curry Land and now there will be training also next week for agents on the place where I came from. Between the Curry Land and the place I came from, I prefer where I came from. Passengers complains a lot that they cannot understand these people from Curry Land. I am proud of the place where I came from to be trained and handle the calls eventually.

So, I can see the writings on the walls -- so I decided to step down and took theearly retirement. Anyway, I am only interested in the lifetime flying benefits for myself and my wife.

I still have to continue working of course, I am not in the retiring age with Uncles Sam, so I cannot collect yet social security benefit. I have a small pension from PBGC, a government entity handling pensions or whatever wasleft over after we have filed for bankcruptcy. So, I cannot still sing Happy Days Are Here Again.

For now, I keeping myself busy dosing projects in the house. I built a cabinet at the basement to keep the blankets and bedroom linens and other things for my wife. After this, I am intending to paint the basement and the kitchen. I hope my eyes will not give me a hard time.

I told my wife, after the Holidays, then I will send out my resume. I still have part time job anyway.

So...Auntie Patti Koh, I don't know if I can relax in this retirement scheme that I have undertook. I have lots of books to read and I have a blogspot to take care of also. I want my mind occupied all of the time.


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