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Friday, September 22, 2006


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

I just got back home from my other home, from Pinas. I am having a sever jet lag problem and I really cannot fall asleep, so I deciced to talk to you.

The rain is really big time back home. The sun is so bright during the day and the rain starts to pour at night in bucketful of it. I was in Quezon City last week, to visit the remaining realtives of my wife there. We were called by his cousin to pay him a visit at his office in Visayas Ave, by the Quezon Circle. We were caught by the rain at 7pm there and I am so scared. The traffic was so bad and there is flood waters in five minutes time. My wife was so scared, but we made it and we stayed at my wife cousin's office till the rain subsided.

It was so nice to be with my parents and the rest of my sisters. We have plenty of laughs together, we have stories again to tell, like as if I con't come home very often. We talked about my departed brother, we have just celebrated his first death anniversary two weeks ago. I felt so bad, my wife and I, was not able to visit him at the Manila Memorial Park.

At any rate, I had the chance to bond with my parents. My mom is having a hard time moving around, but she still inists that she moves around on her wheel chair. She does not want her care giver to assists her, when she moves around the house. Maybe she is trying to show to me that she is still capable of handling herself.

My father, is still the same old sort, who has little things to say and tell. But he is okey. I accompanied him on his theraphy three times a week at the Asia Hospital which is closer to our house. I was so amazed with my father's care giver. He lives in our house and really does a great job taking care of my dad. this kid is only 24 years old and was sent to school by my eldest sister to study and lear about care giver. very patient boy. my dad treats him like a part of the family and so does the other care giver for my mother. this lady only attends to my mother until 6pm, then she goes home and returns at 8am the next morning.

I have a good talk to my father's Physical Therapist. They are so good with my parents, or maybe because of the payment. But what ever that is, they are very good and professonal and all are so young. Of course all of them wants to come to america, because their salary is not that big. I promise to help my Dad's cargiver. I took his resume and will hand carry it to one of the biggest hospital in metropolitan chicago area and will give it to the Human Resources, whose supervisor is a Pinay, and is also my best friend.

My dad is so funny, because after his theraphy, he wanted to eat immediately saying that he is so tired and hungry. So, everytime we end his theraphy we have to go to the Palms Country Club, wherein my sister is a member and sits down for lunch with my mom and dad.

We were not able to go to our summer house in Baguio because of the rain. So instead we went to Tagaytay and stayed overnite at the Highlands Ranch. The weather is so nice out there, thanks to the membership of my brother in law there.

I kept on eating and going to the SM South mall and Alabang town center and Fiesta Mall because these are the malls closest to our house.But I am sweating like I was on fire all of the time. The hunidity is so bad. I did not complain about it, because I dont want to worry my parents. My old bedroom's air conditioner at my parents house is always running. I am sweating like hell, everytime I move around. My mom is worried sick everytime I jump into the pool even at 12midnite. She was telling our security to watch me when I am swimming. I told my mom not to worry, Iam not a lille boy anymore. She said I might catch and cold and fever. I was just laughing.

My scare while I was there is the DENGUE FEVER warning. That is very scary. My dad, orders our worker at home to burn the leaves that is falling around the swimming ppol to ward off the mosquitoes. I was telling my dad, I will be smelling like smoke fish if he keeps on ordering the gardener to burn and smoke the leaves.

And so, Auntie Patti Koh, it was one nice short trip to Pinas. I was able to visit and bond with my sisters and parents. My parents cannot travel anymore. My dad is 85 and my mom is 83 years old. They are now just having fun and enjoying their retirement age.

I was looking at myself thru my dad -- isn't that scarry?


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