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Friday, September 01, 2006


Dear Auntie Pattie Koh,

Another year in the life of a middle age man is coming again. Another year to think of the past, and what I have done for myself and my family. Another year that have passed so easily, still with the same illness and all the medical impediment.

My wife is telling me that I am aging very fast if I will not let myself relax and feel some enjoyment in life. She said it is always work and no more time to relax and enjoy ourselvs. I was telling my wife, I need to take care of the major things in life, especially the house mortgage. I won't be caught behind by the bank or this will be a disaster. There are so many other things to take care of .

My wife is telling me, that since we are the only two in a big house, to cut the other things we don't need. She wants me to cut the cable from other bedrooms and maintain only one cable line so that there wont be additional charges, since the two boys does not live with us anymore. She was telling me also to cut the internet, since I can do text messaging and other inquiries via celfon.

I was contemplating on what she was telling me, but weighing the odds, I told her, we still need the cables on all the rooms, in case the boys comes home and stay with us for a visit, they will still use their respective rooms. I have cleaned all their rooms so that they can come home anytime they want and use their own rooms.

Both of my two boys are now at home with us. They said they have to celebrate my birthday ahead of time because my youngest son has to go back to his school sunday, and my eldest son has other commitments and things to take care of also.

So, I was told to wake up early, which is not my kind of tea. Even if I am off today and yesterday, I got used to be sleeping at 6am, because I come home at 5am and by the time I have fallen asleep, it is alreay 6am.I always wake up at 1am.

And so, Auntie Pattie Koh -- the house is alive again. The two boys are here. After having dinner, they left and went to see their fiends. They told me not to wait for them, they will be coming late.

So.... what's new?


Blogger kiwipinay said...

Advance happy birthday, manong Mel!

mukhang ang laki-laki ng bahay nyo dyan ah.. pwede bang pa-reserba ng isang room? ehehehehe...

hope you'll enjoy your actual birthday kahit na wala ang mga binata nyo. i-date mo si ate Eva sa labas. ;)

12:41 AM  

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