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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

My eldest son came to the house to see why I did not work for three days already. He was very worried. He came to the house and had his dinner. We talked, together with his mom, while he was having his dinner.

He was asking me if I could give another round trip ticket for his girlfriend who wants to come to Chicago and see him again. I was telling my eldest son that his girlfriend is coming very often and stays for such a long period of time with him. Not that I care, I told my son. What I wanted to know is if he is getting serious with this girlfriend of his. He was telling me and his mom that among the other girlfriends that he had before, this girl is the only one who talks to him and who listens to him and understand hid needs.

I told him that this coming 2nd week of September, me and his mom will go home to Pinas and visit his grandparents before I retire from the airline, this coming October '06. I will retire from this airline that I am presently working for, but will still continue working with another company, until I am on the retiring age to collect my social security pension from Uncle Sam.

Anyway, jokingly... I asked my son if it is time to buy his engagement ring and he told he that he will present first his girl friend to his grandparents in Pinas before buying an engagement ring.

My wife and I, just looked at each other. Deep inside, I know my wife is already thinking so many things in her mind. Just like any parents, we both know that sooner or later, we will loose our son to another woman, that will be his wife.

My son told me that his girlfriend wants to stay with him in Chicago and will just rent out her house in New Jersey. That was a plus for me. I am selfish... and I want my son to be close to me and my wife.

So Auntie Pattie is coming closer. My eldest son is already on his marrying age. He told me and his mom...."Dad...Mom...the greatest gift of all that I can give you, is a good wife who will respect you both and our culture".

I pretended that I was reading my book, but deep inside me, I had a lump in my throat. We did something good to this son of ours. What more could we ask for.


Blogger kiwipinay said...

Think of it the other way around... you are not losing your son to another woman. Instead, you are gaining a daughter and eventually a grandchild. Isn't it that is what you have been wishing? To be able to see your grandchild before you leave? I'm sure, you will be very busy during your retirement period... looking after your grandchild. Lucky soon to be daughter-in-law. :)

4:29 PM  

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