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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

My eldest son yesterday during the Memorial Day holiday, while we are doing some barbequing at the back yard, said to me that he is really serious with his girlfriend. Said he will go to Florida next month to visit her and be introduced to the family of the girl. My son told me he will be there for at least six days, getting to know everybody because the girl's parents are both divorced and have their own family now.

I was asking my son if this is final -- and he told me that he is now really sure that this is the girl that he wanted to be with for the rest of his life.

So, this coming Fall, I will take my final vacation for this year and will be in Hongkong with my wife and we will be buying the engagement ring in preparation for the big event of his proposal. He will not tell us when, but my son told me it will be next year.

This evening, he passed by the house on his way to his apartment and checked with me and his mom. He said he was tired and will just go home to his own apartment and crash there. He gave me a big hug, while I was on my lounge chair reading my favorite book and whispered in my ears that he loves me very much. Then he went to his mom's room and did the same thing. I cannot ask him to stay a little bit longer, offered him some dinner because I still have lots of food from yesterday's cook out, but he said he just want to go home and rest.

He said he just stop by to check on us because he might not be able to pass by the house tomorrow and see us leave for our vacation to Vancouver, BC. He just told me and his mom, to just kiss all his cousins and his paternal uncle and aunt for him.

I don't know, Auntie Patti Koh -- I think when a person is getting old, one becomes sentimental and wanted to cling on to their children. I guess my boys are from a different culture and upbringing. They were both born here in the states and have been too Caucasian all the way. But Pinoy culture of love and respect is still inherent in them. What else can I say.


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