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Saturday, May 13, 2006


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

I was advised by my doctor to refrain from eating lots of fatty food and lessen my salt. He said it is bad for my cholesterol. I was given medication (ZOCOR) to take care of my cholesterol problem. But one thing bad that he asked me to do is to stop eating avocado, especially the one that I scrape and mix it with milk and splenda.

He said that avocado is high in cholesterol also. For awhile, I thouhgt it was just plain and simple truth that the mexican and latinos make a puree of it, looking like something that small babies did, and smells bad. It is called avocado guacamole. I don't eat that kind of thing --- the looks of it makes me think of things that I dont want to think.

There are some recipes also that is mixed with chunks of avocado and mix with green salad. It is looking good also and I like it.

Some of my friends here, especially the Latina friends of mine at work does not believe me that the avocado is considered a fruit in the Phils. This is considered a veggie in the states, and tomato is a fruit. I told them that avocado can be made into ice cream, and they made faces and said that that seems yukky. So one time, I made the avocado shake and have frozen some of it in the ice cube maker, then I took it home to work. I explained to them to taste a little bit of it, and since it is on cube type, if they dont like it, just throw it away. But when they have tasted it, they want some more of it.

The avocado here, is small and purple in color, but the meat is very nice and there's not much fibers, compared to those that we have in the Phils. I told them also, that sometimes in our province, when avocado is so abundant, it is being given as food for pigs. Of course they will not believe me also. I described to them that the avocado back home is elongated and green in color and there are also purple in color.

I can't understand, Auntie Patti Koh ---- why some people here are so squeamish about how some of the fruits in the Phils. looks like and how we use it. But when I asked them to try the avocado shake, now I am being asked to make it very often.

Oh well!


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