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Monday, May 22, 2006


Dear Aunti Patti Koh,

My eldest son surprised us last tuesday and told me and my wife that he is bringing along his girlfriend to the house for dinner and to be formally introduced to us by him.

Both myself and my wife was surprised about it, because we did not know that my sone has a serious girlfriend. We both knew that he does not have a serious girlfriend, much more so a girl who lives in New Jersey, from another state from our home. My son told us that the girl has already flown in from New Jersey last Monday and is with him at his apartment.

I told my wife, we will just wait and see. Life is full of surprises, so I told my wife and our son is one of those type of person who always wanted to surprise me and his mother.

So -- I have to prepare for dinner. I cooked spanish cuisine and gave all my best to what I have to serve for dinner come thursday evening. I told my wife, we will use the setting that I gave her on our 15th wedding anniversary. I prefer something special for the girl.

And so thursday came --- I made Sopa de Ajo (garlic soup), and enchilada con jicama y mangga con avocado with sesame oil and red wine vinegar. The the apetizer is carne azada in a bed of boston lettuce, the main course was Arroz a la Paella con Valencia and the dessert was Leche flan.

The table setting was superb, including the wine and the smell and atmosphere of the entire house. It was only family -- myself, my wife, my youngest son and my eldest son together with his girlfriend. The dinner conversation was so nice, we never asked the girl about her family and what kind of family background and schooling she has. I told my wife we have to give our son privacy concerning his girlfriend. The girl is pure Irish, and thank God, she is also of the same religion like us.

After coffee was served, my wife handed the girl two sets of pearl bracelets in a brocaded silk chinese pouch as a parting gift. She was very please and appreciative about it.

The next day, my son called me up and told me that he is serious with this girl. So I asked him, if we have to prepare for an engagement ring. He did not say anything and I just heard a heavy sigh on the other end of the line.

So, Auntie Patti Koh -- I already told my wife that we have to be prepared for the wedding of our son. He will surprise us again, I am sure when he will tell us that he is engaged and is going to be married.


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