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Thursday, June 22, 2006


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

I did not go to work today and for the past four days. I took some sick time because I don't feel well and my Neuralgia is really going berserck again. I am getting board inside the house, so this afternoon when the sun is not that hot, I went to the back yard and check my tomatoes and my apple trees and the rest of the plants at the back yard.

I have three apples trees -- the Golden delicious and the red delicious Washington apples. The entire trees has plenty of leaves and coming closer to the branches which is already stooping down, I noticed there is a lot of fruits in it again. I forgot, I fertilize it during spring time and so there are lots of fruits again.

Nobody eats the apples from my backyard, because my boys already left the house and they are in their own apartment and they told me that they got tired of the apples. Even the neighbor's kids does not want to come anymore and pick the apples. They told me that they have outgrown it. So now, I am stuck to it and there will be lots of fruits to deal with. Come fall, there will be lots of apple fruits on the ground and I will have a hard time gathering it and dumping it in the garbage.

I was sitting underneath the shade of the apple trees and I was thinking about the folks back home in Pinas. They are so excited to see an apple tree, much more so to have the ability to gather the fruits directly from the trees. But here I am, hating the abundance of the fruits from the trees.Something is wrong with me.

Therefore, Auntie Patti Koh -- I was thinking, if I can only ship these fruits back home on a refrigerated ship, I will do it. But the price of shipping it , is so expensive, I might as well let the fruits fall from the trees and I will just let the squirrel have feast on it.

I wish I could plant santol or lanzones or indian manggo at my back yard. But I cannot cuz it wont survive the harsh winter of Chicago.

Anybody ---- please, if you want apples.....please come to my house and pick up all the fruits this september. I will be happy if you can come and do the apple picking in my own backyard, I will even give you the basket to put it.


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