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Monday, November 06, 2006


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

Yes, I have been retired (partially, because I still have a part time job)since last 31 Oct.'06. To pass the time, and I won't be bored at home, I decided to do a home project at the basement of the house.

First, I went to Home Depot and checked out some of the manuals and magazine on the rack on how to build a cabinet. Yes, I will attempt to built a cabinet at the basement of my house to have a place to hang coats and other clothes that are seasonal and to keep the rests of the bed sheets and pillow covers.

I was doubting myself at first, but there is this inner conscience in me daring me to proceed and go on making the said cabinet to pass the time. What do I know about carpentry. The only carpentry that I know is when I was in high school and I made a box to keep some of my junk inside and that box is not something to display and be proud of. But this time, I don't care because the cabinet will be down at the basement and nobody will see it..... so I ventured on it.

I bought some materials, used the manual saw to make the work a little bit longer, even if I have an electric saw. (Talking about punishing oneself.) I kept on imagining first what I want, because I don't know how to sketch. Then I started measuring and then cutting the wood planks based on my imginary cabinet that I have envisioned. Then I bought a glue gun, to glue first the cut lumber on the areas and the places that I needed them posted, before I nail them properly. My intention is to make two built-in cabinets, one that has a two tier hangers for my pants and my bountiful long sleeve shirts. Then the other one is a three layer cabinet that will hold on the first level, the bedsheets and pillow cases, then on the second level, to hold the sweaters and other seasonal wears when not in use and the lowest portion will be for the clothes of my wife, (which is bountiful) which I kept on asking her to donate some to Goodwill if she thinks she will not use it anymore..... I should have put my shoes in my mouth.

Then, the final curtain has come. I made it. The two cabinets down at the basement is now finished and the entire frame has been nailed and assembled. The only thing missing is the wall and the flooring of the cabinets. I am taking some time to buy the last of the materials needed.

And so Auntie Patti Koh, I made it! You should be proud of me cuz I am not a carpenter and was able to create a carpentry job. Not a work of art, but the work of my own hands and imagination.

Please don't clap your hands. You are all making me blush!


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