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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

I live in one of the Northern suburbs of Chicago close to Michael Jordan's house (we were here before Michael Jordan). We have been in this area for the last 32 years and it is a good neighborhood. When we first moved in this neighborhood, we are a little bit uncertain on what might happen. We were the first colored family that moved in - in this predominantly all white and very Jewish community. Then the rest of the family moved in, close to each other, in three to two blocks aways radius from each other.

One Italian boy who lives across from my sister in law's house was very critical about us, telling his family and calling us Chinks that the neighborhood will deteriorate because - so he said the Chinks are movng in. My in-laws has chinese and japanese blood in them, hence the slit eyes. But this young Italian boy who is calling us Chinks, is now married to my youngest sister in law and they have been married for the past five years. I always tells him this story about him calling us Chinks and he apologized immediately and all of us will die laughng looking at him with his red face and his embarrass look.

My wife came home yesterday with a young pinay of 27 years of age to the house. She said she saw this young lady crying at the train station, which is only two blocks away from us. Being ala Mother Teres of India, my wife talked to this young pinay and asked her what was the problem and why was she crying. So the young pinay recalled the entire story why she was crying.

Presumably, she was a house keeper cum baby sitter for this jewish family which is four blocks away from our house and she had an argument with the mistress of the house because according to this pinay she is a slave driver and she cannot take the abuse anymore. She answered back to this jewish woman and a heated argument ensued, the pinay bringing everything out of her chest that she has kept for the past two years of her employment with this jewish woman. Of course the mistress had to assert her power and asked this pinay to leave the house and she got fired.

Since the relative of this pinay is as far away as Indianna, she does not know where to go for the evening and very scared to venture around downtown Chicago for the evening. So my wife took her home, she is our house guest and I told her to stay until she gets another employer within the neighborhood. She was very grateful and so I laid down the things that I wanted to happen in my house while she is our house guest. I told her she cannot use the land line phone to contact her relatives in Inidiana and in Pinas, unless she wants to pay for the phone charges. I dont want smokers in my house and she needs to accomodate my dog Bombolini if my dog is inside the house from the basement.

And so Auntie Patti Koh, the saga of my wife being ala Mother Teresa of India has started again. She is always bringing home kababayans she meets in the street. So far we have not accomodated any bad elements yet. Heaven forbids.!! I told this pinay, I could take her to the GrayHound Bus station this weekend to be able go to her relatives (so she said ) who are in Indiana. No reply form her yet. Hmmmmmmmm!!!!


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