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Monday, March 12, 2007


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

I went to Houston, Texas last thursday 08 March and while passing thru the security at O'hare International airport, my ticket and my wife's was checked by this female security guard not belonging to the TSA. It was a printed paper confirmation that does not even look like an airline ticket at all because we are NON-REVENUE passenger(NRSA) because I work fo the airline.

I was trying to explain to this female security (from another race) that I work for the airline and was showing my airline ID, which I always does - but for some reason this woman arrogantly made a remark that really startled and baffled me. I did not respond to the remarks, nor did my wife. We are used to this type of people, who - given a small time, low paying position in an area like the airport and elsewhere that deals with people, makes these type of people think they are somebody already and brings about the air a arrogance in them and the chip on the shoulder attitude comes out.

Our IDs was checked. My wife presented her valid drivers license and when it was already my term, I showed the airline ID hanging in my neck, and this woman read it first just to tell me she wants another form of ID. This time this I know this woman is just trying to give me a real attitude problem. I have never been asked by TSA much more so by this airport line security another ID except for this woman. So, I dug into my carryon bag and gave myself some time looking for my passpost.

This woma said : "You are holding the line".
So I responded to her: "No, you made me hold the line. You wont accept my airline ID, and you are demanding another form of ID, so you have to wait I am looking for my passpprt. Until I get it and present it to you, I will hold the line and if there is a problem on this, call your supervisor and let me deal with your supervisor".

Finally, I got the passport and this woman started opening the pages of my passport and was trying to read the entries and the different places and countries I have visited, plus the additonal pages that was inserted in my passports.

I told this arrogant woman: "You are supposed to check the first page of the passport with my picture only, and not to scan the other pages because you don't work for immigration nor are you an immigration inspector".

The passport was then handed back to me, this woman initialed the paper ticket and handed it back to me. I was just staring at her, and was thinking that this woman most probably has a personality problem growing up and most probably came from the HUD.

I walked away from this woman and never looked back. I don't want to spoil my trip.

And so Auntie Patti Koh, there are really lots of this kind of personality in the states, especially this particular type of race of people. Their arrogance at times becomes so irritating that at times one cannot blame but to look down on them and at times some of their kind that is not like them are treated same and with stereo type attitude by othe people.


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