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Saturday, March 24, 2007


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

Last 08 March, I ordered a new internet provider for my computer needs. I have to drop the previous one that is becoming too expensive. So this new one that is now my provider sent the Modem and of course I have to call it in to start the computer. Since I was in Houston for that week, it took another three days before the line could be connected and the net to be running.

I have no knowledge or have any expertise about computer. I only know how to use it and thats it.

So I asked me nephew to look into it and start the process since the modem has been installed and was running. So we called the technical support and it was answered by this young fellow from the Philippines who will not tell us his exact location. So we started the process and this young man in the technical support was very accomodating and very nice on the phone. The line was then connected and the internet is up and running.

All of my nieces and nephews was inside my computer room during the time the tech support isn the Phils. is instructing my nephwe how to go about it. So they all heard this young man from the Phils. how polite and nice he was on the phone. They were so amazed about the public contact appeal of this young man.

After the service was done via phone, I took the phone and talk to this young man and thank him for what he did via my nephew on the phone.

From then on, I continued to communitate with him in the internet and even my wife like how this young man has conducted himself.

And so Auntie Patti Koh, I have a new friend in the web. I have not seen how he looks like, but it really does'nt matter to me and my family. The important thing is this young man is very nice and very polite. I have invited him to come to the states and be our house guest. I hope all the call centers in the Phils. will have this kind of agents. They are an assetto their company that they represent.

More Power to you... E.L!!!!


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