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Monday, March 26, 2007


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

I ordered the cancellation and disconnection of my Internet and Cable TV. I am having somany problems with this company everytime I call them up and ask for things and informations. Not to mention that they are becoming very expensive.

So I called the Customer Service on the phone and advised the agent on the other end of the phone line that I wanted the cable and cable TV disconnected and cancel the service. They were asking me why and really wanted to retain me. So I told the agent on the other end of the phone my reasons and the price that I have to pay, which is very high compared to the other cable and internet provider. There were lots of excuses and promises and lots of negative info about the other internet and cable provider.

But I have already made up my mind and I told the agent I really cannot stay along with their service because it is really very high versus the other carrier and privider that I have now.

So, the agent asked me to return to their closest Customer Service office the black box for cable and the modem for the internet that I have with me. The agent on the other end of the line said if I will not return those items, I will be charge for it.

So today I returned the modem to the customer service. I was not able to return the black box for the cable TV because I don't know which company owns the two ones that I have at home. I need to ask my wife. So this woman behind a glass counter arrogantly and with a chip on her shoulder asked me to remove the modem from inside the plastic bag. Not even appreciative that I was taking care of it while it was in my hand.

So I let the attitude pass.

Then this woman, who is so big, most probably more than 200 punds, was telling me again with an arrogance on her tone of voice that if I don't return the black box I will be charge $150.00 . I have no more patience with this black woman who is as big as a gorilla, so I told her:

"The reason I am leaving your company is because of people like you. And if I get charge of the amount you arrogantly said to me.....I DON'T CARE because I will not pay for it. Your cable guy should have pick up the black box when he disconnected the cable."

And I was so furious and lashed back again to this big ape of a woman:

"You look great behind that enclosure. It remind me of something at the Brookfield Are".

Then I turned my back. Brookfield is a big zoo out side Chicago.

And so, Auntie Pattie Koh....I really don't want to insult other people, but this woman, if I will not answer back at her....she will keep on treating me like as if I owe her something or some money. This woman is an embarrassment to her race. I hate her actuations and dealings with me. Grrrrrrrr!!!


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