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Sunday, April 15, 2007


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

I took this picture last Thursday when I went to Chicago dowtown with my nephews. The Philippine flag was showing. Too bad the wind blew it that is why the colors are not visible. Awhile ago, the flag can be seen but there is slight breeze from Lake Michigan, so it moved a little bit, but then I have already pressed my camera. Anyway, I am sure with close scrutiny, one can see the color of the Philippine flag. The building has a very nice location. It is across from the Millineum Park of Chicago, facing Lake Michigan, along the famous Michigan Avenue. During the time of the Marcoses, this office is beautifully decorated with so many printed materials showing the many beautiful places to see in the Philippines.

I went inside and wanted to see if there have been any changes. It is still the same, from the last time I walked into this Philippine Consulate 10 years ago, when I accompanied my sister in law to change her Passport.

The signs are still there "Special Longaniza for sale...Please call for order", "Empanada for sale, call for order",
"Morcon and Embutido Special"....etc!!

I was tempted to call the numbers written down and see if these are the phone numbers of relatives or employees of the Consulate but decided not to.

This office is in this building ever since I could remember. Maybe they have a better deal with the ownere and management of this building.

And so Auntie Patti Koh, I wanted to post also a sign at the board that I make "Puto Bumbong, Kalamay na Ube, Sapin Sapin" and other delicacies...but decided not to. Maybe one day I will just come and bring samples for the staff and samples for those who comes to the Consulate to do business with them.


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