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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

There was this dog food scare here in the states. Lots of pets died eating a certain brand of dog/car food. Lots of pet owners was so scared on what is going on and of course, like myself who is a per lover is also scared and worried because I too have a pet dog named Bombolini..... a 13 month old mic Shitzu and Maltese was ash/blackish hair and a very loving dog.

The particular brand of cat/dog food has been recalled but at the death of some pets. It was so devastating for those who is very attached to their pets like me.

This morning, my dog who sleeps in bed with me, woke me up at 6:30 am and threw up on the floor. His vomit does not have any color. It was just saliva in its natural color. Then I heard my dogs stomach grumbling and that give me a scare. I was talking to my dog and caressing his tummy, like as if my dog is going to reply back at me and tell me what his ailment was.

Then I tried to observed him, but he did not threw up anymore but was not as active as he was. I was really worried. I was doing somethings in the kitchen and I brought up his dog food bowl from the basement to the kitchen and was really watching and observing my dog. But at 1300 hrs. I have decided that I will be taking him to the vet. And so off we go.

The vet checked him out. Did not see any problem, and then check the mouth, feel the tummy, and my dog did not show any pain or discomfort while the vet is stroking the tummy. He did not even howl or growl. So the vet said he needs to eat and asked the brand of my dog food and said thank is not the one that is being reaclled.

This particular dog food that is being recalled is from Canada and they have traced rat poinson on it.

And so Auntie Patti Koh, I was really scared for my dog. This dog is very good and overprotective of us. He does not bark but growl when he sense that there is another person near the house of if somebody approaches me or my wife that he does not know....he will growl and wait until I tell him to stop.

I really love this dog. My previous dog Misty, a prure breed Bichon Friese died on me last November and my new dog Bombolini has taken her place and even I missed my previous dog Misty....this new dog of mine has given me and my family so much joy and happiness. I love this dog very much!!


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