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Friday, April 13, 2007


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

These are my two nephews who came with me this morning to the downtown area of Chicatgo. I love these kids very much and they have become a fixture in myhouse since my two boys have already went on their own. I needed somebody to fill in the void in the house which sometimes is too much for me. I have awonderful dog in the house to keep me company, but I cannot talk to my dog all of the time and for sure will not get any response except barking and jumping up and down. My wife is always at work and I am left at the house the whole day until its time for me to work in the evening.

These two young kids are always in my house and eats there and hang out all of the time and I love it very much. The younger one with a gray fidora on the picture is a student at Columbus College, Dept of Music. He knows how to play five instruments and still wants to learn more and wanted to be a musician for film and cinematic background music. He is such a joyful character to be with and laughs with much gusto that makes me happy and laugh also. The other one with eyeglasses on, is two years older, who just graduated from nursing and is now reviewing to take the board exam. Another joyful kid and full of fun and laughter. He wants to pass the nursing exams he told me so that he could make more money and send it to his mother back in Pinas, so that his younger sister can finish college. What a noble deed, I should say.

And so here I am Auntie Patti Koh, with these two fine young man and we explored the Millenium Park in Chicago and very hopeful that tChicago could be chosen as the venue for the summer Olympics. That will be awesome, because we are prepared to host it. Look at these two fine boys fooling around trying to pretend they are carrying the Bean at the Millenium Park in downtown Chicago. They look like they have no worries in life at all. Ilove these two nephews of mine and my two sons also, of course.


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