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Saturday, April 07, 2007


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

I told you on my previous letter to you about my wife's nephew who just arrived from the states and is a graduate of nursing. He was looking for a job while reviewing for the nursing exams in Illinois. He just applied on-line and is now doing review.

I was able to get a work for him while reviewing at the same time. I was able to get a home care job for him to look after a 92 year old man, who is married and his wife is 87 years of age. They live in the suburbs of Chicago and the old man needs somebody to help and assists him in the house and at night when he needs to stand up and use the washroom.

I took him to the house of this old man and wanted to see for myself what kind of house and what kind of people are these whom my nephew will be staying every Saturday thru Tuesday. They are nice looking people and they live in a very nice community. I was impressed about it. The present nurse that is taking care of these elderly couple gave my nephew the pointers on what to do and what these couple needs and wanted to be done for them and at the house.

My nephew was told that they only eat breakfast and dinner and does not eat lunch. Knwing that we Pinoys have a habit of eating, was thinking about what to do about it, since my nephew will be staying with them for three days and three nights. So, I told my nephew that I will take care of it when we finally bring him to start his work this saturday. So we did brought him this morning saturday and I packed lots of food stuff for him to bring to the house of these elderly couple. I told him to inform the couple that he will place his food in one corner of the fridge and advised them that he cannot skip lunch.

I even told my nephew to bring his review materials and his manuals for review so that when he is not doing anything to read the review materials and study. I even told him to bring some writing tablet papers and write letters to his parents back home, his sisters and brother and his friends on what he is doing and the things that he has seen and visited so far in Chicago.

So Auntie Patti Koh, this morning we dropped my nephew to the house where he will work, and handed him over to the nurse that he will relieve for the weekend. Then he brought his stuff inside the house and came out from the back door of the house, approached me and my wife inside the car, epen the passenger door and hugged kissed my wife, then he opened up the driver's door and gave me a big hug and a kiss also. Then I told him if he is ever lonely to call me on my cell fon and try to recall the nice things we have done together and his many nice evenings with his cousins so that he will not be lonely. I told him, it will be hard but he needs to sacrifice and not to cry when loneliness is eating him up. I told him, if any of the couple raised their voice on him to call me any hour of the day or night and I will pick him up immediately.

Then he waved goodbye to us. I felt the same way when I left my son at his dorm when he went to college which was 6 hours drive from us and has to stay inside a dorm. I was touched on how he looked back to us and wave his hands.

Then I just said to myselk...."hang on there kid, be brave and take the challenge"


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