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Thursday, May 17, 2007


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,
Look at the picture of innocence. These are my nephews with their girl in GIRL FRIEND only. The girls are like sisters to my nephews said. But at any rate, even if they fell for each other, it will not bother me. That will be better, because I know these girls and they are good girls also.
The first nephew with dark frame eyeglasses is B----, he just graduated from Nursing back home in the Philippines and is now doing home care and private nursing at the moment. He is still reviewing for the NCLEX exams. I have faith in this kid, and I know he will make it. I have already introduced him to the Matron of Nursing in of the prestigeous and well named hospital in metropolitan Chicago, and he was promised that as soon as he passed the exams, he will have an assured place in her hospital.
The girl behind her, in a lovely embrace (let's say it's cold in the lake area) is a Pinay from the Philippines and is doing her post graduate studies at the University of Illinois, Chicago campus.
Do they look like they are IN LOVE?? hmmmmmmmm!!
The third nephew of mine also in eyeglasses, is K----, he is a computer engineer and is now working for a big company. K volunteered for two years with the Peace Corps and was assigned in Nicaragua. K speaks spanish and somewhere along the line, I really don't know why he did not end up bringing home a Latina from Suda Amerika. He is heavy set and a mix Pilipino with a father who is German/Irish. I was telling K, if Inday Badiday is still alive, I will take him home to the Philippines and make a star out of him. (The late Inday Badiday is a good and close friend of mine. We go a long way. God bless her soul). The girl that was supposed to be the partner of K, is not in the picture, she is the one taking the picture, I think who is related to the girl hugging my nephew B
Another nephew of mine, seated, wearing a gray fedora, is D--------. Studying Music Science at Columbia University. He plays five instrument. Don't ask me about the sixth instrument, I will not tell you. He is a very loving and energetic young man. Wants to be part of the orchestra that do the background music for movies. He volunteers for the Civic Opera House and loves doing it, for free. He said he is learning many things. The girl besides her is also related to the girl in the picture.
The young man in the background is their friend and I forgot to ask for his name. However, if he is in the picture and if he is a friend of my nephews, then I am sure he is a good young man.
And so, Auntie Patti Koh, the only ones missing in this nice and lovely picture is my two boys. My eldest son, M------, in his mid twenties is so serious with his job, managing two restaurant. I lost this boy of mine to his job, and he has already asked permission from me and my wife that he will be living together with his girl friend in his apartment, come end of this month. My youngest son, who is also not in the picture is busy with his culinary school, which is three hours away from our home. He is so focused on his career and was telling me that he is on his way to Le Cordon Bleu de Paris next summer.
All in all, I love all of these kids. Do I have a favourite....Yes, but I won't tell you!!!
Sincerely yours,


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