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Sunday, April 29, 2007


My nephew with my dog Bombolini along the shores of Lake Michigan

My nephew again, holding Bombolini infront of the sign that sez Moraine Beach for Dogs.

Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

It was a very nice day today, the weather was so beautiful after the many days of rain and even snow. It was 82 degrees F, and I cannot complain about it. It is a nice and swell time to go out and do some exercise. I went out walking with my dog Bombolini, a mix Maltese and Shitzhu and just turned one year last month. I love this dog very much because he is very loving and very attentive.

After I have walked for at least three miles, I met my nephew who just came from work. He is a private nurse for two elderly patient, husband and wife and the husband just came out of surgery from the hospital on slip disc. He told me that he is not tire and not sleepy even he did a full not shift at the house of his patient. I asked him if he want to go to Moraine Beach for the dog and he said he will just changed and wants to come and join me and my dog to the dog beach.
I was so happy, it was early and there are no dogs insight in the area that we have picked. There are some dogs that I can see from a distance but the area that we have picked is all to ourselves. Bombolini and my nephew had a good time along the shores of Lake Michigan. My dog was frolicking along the shoreline with my nephew and even took a dip on the cold water of Lake Michigan that does'nt seem to bother my dog. I love this dog beach, because there are fence that was erected to hold the dogs unleash and they cannot go around and disturb the other beach goer. This is their beach and it was really intended for the dogs. There are even plastic bags provided for the dog owners to pick up after their pets and bagged it and dump it on the garbage provided.
After 2 hours of fun in the beach, we decided it is time to go home and dry my dog so that he will not wet the uplholstery of my car.
And so Auntie Patti Koh, another day of relaxation and fun and this time it was even with my dog. Tomorrow, the weather man said, the temperature will drop down again and there will be rain. I am so confused with this weather. April brings so much changes. April showers is very common and it is good I have just cut my grass and cleaned the front lawn.
Sincerely yours,
In Fraternam Meam


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