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Sunday, April 29, 2007



Dear Auntie Patti Koh,
I was having a severe constipation and no matter how I tried to take care of it, I still cannot relieve myself. I took the pills to soften the blow, I was told to use suppository, but to no avail. My nephew nurse told me the only last recourse is the enema. Hell no I said. I will do some alternate solution and see if if will do. The two pain killers that I am taking is causing my stool to harden so much to the point I really cannot relieve myself in its natural way.
Then I met my Chinese co-worker and explained to her the situation. She said that I don't have to worry about it, she will take me to the local Chinese drug store in China town and the chinese herbalist is her Uncle. So I went with her, since I have heard so much good news and story about the Chinese herbal medicines. I related to the herbalist what is happening with me and what I have eaten. I told him how it all started and the pain that I am undergoing to relieve myself. He was listening intently and then wrote some Chinese character on a piece of paper and started checking all the cubicles on the walls of the Apothecary. Then he pulled some dry stuff from each individual boxes, placed it in a white paper and started weighing the ingredients. Then he wrapped it individually and advised his niece in Cantonese how to explain to me the ways and means on how to take such herbals during dinner time.
I did follow the instructions and mix all the dried ingredients in a steaming water and mix it altogether and waited for the water to absorbed the herbals that was in it. Then the color of the hot water changed in color and smell and it was not a bad smell. I took a sip on the hot tea like brew and the taste is just like an ordinary tea. After consuming the whole mug, I settled down and read and did some stuff in my computer. After a period of 30 mins. I was being called to the bathroom and was able to relieve myself easily with no problem and with nothing being inserted in my renal canal.
And so Auntie Patti Koh, I am a believer now in Chinese herbal medicine. It did me good and I feel great and have no problem with my stool and relieving myself.
Sincerely Yours,
In Fraternam Meam


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