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Thursday, May 17, 2007


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,
I am sure you know by now about this nephew of mine who arrived into our lives from the Philippines and became so close to all of us.
VENI.....(I Came)
He came only to follow his dreams.He graduated nursing back home and wanted to explore and see his future i the states. The only thing he has with him, is his honesty, politeness and love of people. He came with all these attributes and became so loved by all of us including his young cousins, nieces and nephews. One could see deep in his heart, how his parents reared him up by the way he talks to people using the polite "PO" and "OPO" all of the time.
VIDI.....(I Saw)
He saw the life in the states, the many challenges it entails to succeed. One thing he did see was the challenges that pays off when one faces it with an open heart. He work as a private nurse/care giver for a while to learn his trade and understand the life in a foreign country. He was a fast learner and he did Saw what there is to see and he faced the challenges and made the most out of it with corresponding reward.
He conquered the threshold of things that was very alien to him. He wanted to see what was inside this threshold and wanted to gain experience. So he did. He befriended people of different status in society, he sat down with people he looks up as mightier than him and his status he did did good on his conquer. They love him for his sincerity and his simple outlook in life.
So Auntie Pattie Koh, this nephew of mine did CAME, SAW AND CONQUERED and learned so many expriences on this. I am sure he will go a long way with all his ambitions in life and his intentions.
We all love him.
Respectfully yours,


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