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Thursday, May 24, 2007


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,
Please meet my future daughter in law, the girl with her sunglasses on her head, in black sleeveless dress. She is the girlfriend of my eldest son and her name is AJA (pronounced as Asiah). She is a very close friend of my niece Dianne, the shortest girl at the bottom picture with her hand on her hips. Aja was introduced to my son when we all came to attend the wedding of my niece, four years ago.
Aja is an Anglo-Saxon and they live in New Jersey, which is around 30 mins drive from my brother's house. A very nice and good girl, from a well educated and good breed family. At first I thought it was only a joke that everybody was teasing and only trying to push my son to Aja, but then suddenly I found out they were already boyfriend and girlfriend. Oh well, who am I. I am just the father -- and who am I to know the many things about the love life of my son.
It was a long distance love affair. My son very often travel to New Jersey on times that he is available and free from work, and then Aja comes to Chicago to meet with my son on the times when she is free from school and holidays. It was a very nice and very sincere relationship. I cannot say anything about it. At any rate, for me, no matter what the nationality of my son's girlfriend is -- it's alright with me. The important thing is that they Love and Respect each other.
I am happy for the two of them. I hope they will make it to the altar. I look forward into this and hope, just like what I always say to my boy -- I hope and wish I will still have the chance to see my grandchild from them.
And so Auntie Patti Koh, I was so thrilled when last week we were invited to New Jersey by Aja to her parents home and meet with them and their family. They were all very nice and very accommodating, I have nothing to say. There are times when I look outside my window and try to picture my son and his gril friend Aja, holding hands and being wed in front of the altar...... in the Philippines.!!!
Is it bad to dream and fantasize?
Sincerely Yours,


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