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Sunday, November 02, 2008


I came as a Mandarin Merchant and also the Emcee for the evening.
Here are some of the entire participants at the Costume Party 2008.

Senora Flamenco Dancer.

Gondola (Bob) man from Venice.

Master Shaolin (Reggie) Monk.

Anna and her Polish Boyfriend Damien. Anna in a typical Malaysian outfit, Damian as a Polish football player.

The Goddess Athena or Fathena (Fat)

Native Mexican Dancer.

Bollywood (Alex) Dancer.

Mr. & Mrs. Omar Shalicom Barbaro (Tess & Jun).

Japanese Kabuki Warrior and myself.

Her Princess Jasmine Rice (Sandy)

Dona Hermana Puti (Mommy Balcita)

Mark Anthony and Cleopatra (Lisa and Boyfriend).

Madame Butterfly and Mr. Wong (Mr. & Mrs. Jing & Sharon Yap)
Dear Auntie Patti Koh,
My wife and myself decided to unwind and attended a yearly November Halloween Costume Party that is being hosted every year by our close friend Alex and Bob at their house. It was a very nice evening and as usual I am always called to be the emcee for the evening introducing the participants with their colorful costume.
It was a nice affair and everybody that came to the party brought a special dish that they shared to everybody. We have Chinese cuisine to American, Spanish, American Fried Chicken, Malaysian, Filipino favorites, Indian Curry, Japanese and most of all a bountiful of desserts and other sweet things.
Some of the participants brought along their children with them and all children that came in costume automatically was given a prize. There prizes given to individual and most authentic costume. Pairs was given also selected prices.
We ended the party past midnight and everybody was tired and exhausted but very happy. All of us are working class and we were able to unwind ourselves for this particular evening and we went home happy. We even have to bring some of the food that was on the table because it was so much and there's plenty to share to all.
And so Auntie Patti Koh, another night of fun and of course my wife and myself was able to unwind and had a wonderful evening. Wish you were there too.
Sincerely yours,


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