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Sunday, September 14, 2008


JR, my wife's nephew and his wife Grace doing the ceremonial cake cutting.

Kevin, my nephew with his girlfriend Heather and Kristen my niece, with his boyfriend Mike.

My wife and I, in one of the banquet room for the wedding reception.

The wedding ceremony at the terrace of the banquet hall.

NYC's china town where we bought our siopao in the place where there are some buntings. The place is called MEI LA WEI. Very scary name for those who speaks Tagalog.

This is one of the many gardens within La Guardia Airport of New York. I took this from inside the restaurant where we are eating and waiting for out flight.

Every body knows this place. I took this from China town. Too many limousines in front of the building and on the side.

Dear Auntie Patti Koh,
My wife and I just arrived from New York City this evening. We attended my wife nephew's wedding. It was one hell of a wedding. There's 350 guest, and the food is too much to eat. It is so hard to choose what food one has to eat.
The bride was Chinese and my nephew, although not Chinese is looking like a Chinese also. The wedding ceremony was done in Chinese and English. The printed prayer book was also printed in Chinese and English. All of my nieces and nephew was jokingly telling me that the prayer book is like a menu in a Chinese restaurant. The ceremony is very solemn and very nice. Too much crying from the side of the bride.
After the ceremony, which was held on the same where the reception was held, we all went down for cocktails and finger foods/appetizers. Too much food to eat for appetizers. Then in the same place, we went to another ballroom for the formal lunch and dancing. The food is too much again and I don't know what to choose from. There is a place for children also complete with games and children's food. There is also a baby sitter looking after the children while the parents are dancing and having a good time.
And so, Aunti Patti Koh.... my wife and myself was able to unwind for the weekend. We were supposed to return back Mondy, but because there is this big hurricane in Texas, it has passed by Chicago and we are scared we might be stranded in NYC, so we return back the next day Sunday, after the wedding. We did not attend anymore the brunch and barbeque. I already had too much to eat, but we had a good time.
Sincerely yours,


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