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Friday, August 01, 2008


My favorite things from the corner French Pastry Shop in my neighborhood. When I had surgery, my friends brought to the hospital these goodies which they know I love very much.
Top to right.....raspberry tart, then in middle mango tart, then raspberry tart
Down left to right .....cluster of Jonathan apple tart and in the center is peach tart.
Dear Auntie Patti Koh,
I still have the gift certificate given by a friend of mine last week and since I am now required by my Physical Therapist to go out and walk as far as I can, I decided to take a walk during noon time with my dog Bombo towards the downtown area of my place which is only a block away from my house.
It was a very humid and warm day. The weatherman said this will be going on for the whole week and the air conditioner in the house is blasting.
So I went walking with my dog to the french pastry shop. I have to leave my dog outside by the door of the shop and walk thru. There were arrays of sweet things that is really making me swirl. I have diabetes type II bu i can eat sweet in moderation since I am not taking insulin. These pastry shop is just right because their sweet things are not very sweet. I was given some item to taste and if I am not ashame, I will eat the entire sample plate.
I saw the mango tart immediately and pointed it to the baker, then the rest is history. There are lots of strawberry tart but I cannot eat strawberry. It has lots of uric acid in it and will not make me walk. I will have a gout attack.
And so Auntie Patti Koh, my craving for sweets for today has been solved. I am worried if I don't watch my appetite I will gain weight. I am still on medical leave of absence because I am still undergoing therapy for four weeks, three times a week at the physical therapy department of the hospital near my house.
I wish you are here to share the Sweet things with me.
Sincerely yours,


Blogger Kiwipinay said...

huwawww!!! such sinful treats! pengeeeee!!! mango tart gusto ko po! :D

2:21 AM  
Blogger infraternam meam said...

i have told you many times that you are always welcome, anytime in our house. seriously....anytime. then you can have all the tarts that you want and live happily ever after.

11:19 AM  

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