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Wednesday, February 06, 2008


This is the 2nd winter storm for this 2nd week in February '08.
I took this picture at 2:30pm 06 Feb. 08 from my back door while the storm is on going.

I took this picture also the same day and time from my front door while the storm is on going and the blare of the storm signal remindering to residents to be prepared for the worst to come.

This is my back yard and my apple trees. I was able to snow blow some of the snow so that I could get out of my parking tomorrow morning. After I have snow plowed the back yard, an hour later four more inches of snow has fallen so I just went inside my house and warm myself.
Dear Auntie Patti Koh,
Yes, this is the second storm for this opening weeks of the months of February. According to the weather man, there will be another one coming this weekend. I have already asked a private contractor to plow my driveway and my backyard because my snow plow cannot do the job anymore.
I was on my way to my hospital clinical in school, when the Head Nurse of the hospital, who is my instructor called my celfon and told me that she has cancelled the clinical and she has already informed all of my nine calssmates also not to come. The road was so bad and it was so hard to see the road. The snow plow cannot plow the road and salt the road completely because there are still lots of traffic on the road. Hopefully as the night progresses and the cars are all indoors, hopefully, the road will be cleared by tomorrow and will be more cleared of snow.
It was a very bad snow storm. My wife called me at home and told me their work was also cancelled and she is now on the flat form of the elevated train waiting for the delayed train. She was telling me there were lots of people at the train station waiting for the train to come. I told her to keep her celfon easy to reach at all times incase I need to call and check on her.
I got stuck on the side road infront of my house and the driveway was so heavily laden with snow that I need to shovel under the wheels of the car even my back is aching. I have no choice or else I will be blocking the side streets and will disturb the snow plow when it comes. Finally I was able to move my car with the help of the four wheel drive and the winter drive in my SUV.
After listening to the storm warning, I went to my basement and check if there are some bottled drinking water,candles and flashlights and new batteries, blankets and charger for the celfons and food. We have lots of canned goods at the basement and plenty of fresh apples and oranges that I have stored last week. Fresh fruits in the states during winter time is coming from South America. I have check my dog food also and my dog Bombo's food is okey. He still have still two big bags that will last for another three weeks for him.
And so, Auntie Patti Koh, I cannot understand why lots of our Kababayans still wants to come to America. Life is so hard during winter time in here. No matter how hard the road with snow, life has to go on and we still have to go to work.
Sincerely yours,


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