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Sunday, June 10, 2007



Dear Auntie Pattie Koh,

Today, June 10,2007.... we are celebrating our 28Th wedding anniversary. I still remember the time when we got married, it was a hazy June afternoon. There was a slight drizzle on the ground, and my sister in laws back yard was a little bit wet. This is where we will have our simple and mostly family and friends cocktail reception.

We got married at St. Jerome Catholic church, which is just across from out house that we have lived for 28 years now. It was a very nice church, predominantly Italian parishioners. I did the floral arrangements inside the church and prepare also some of the finger food that we will serve. We did not use the the traditional wedding cake that has layers of it with the statue of a newly wed on top of the last layer. What we ordered is just a flat cake, but big (I cannot remember the size) from a Swedish pastry shop. We asked the pastry shop to cover the entire cake with all the fruits in season and cover it with crystal jello. It was a beautiful cake.

It was a wedding with a celebrated mass, and only attended by family and friends. We have only total of 65 people that was invited and it was a very nice and simple wedding. We wanted it to be simple. I was wearing the typical Barong Tagalog and my wife was wearing a simple white dress that her sister made for her. When the priest gave his final blessing, he asked me to kiss the bride. I forgot that I was still wearing the microphone in my lapel and I whispered to my wife: "Honey, I forgot to brush my teeth". When we turned our back to the crowd, they were all laughing. They heard what I have whispered to my wife because of the microphone in my lapel.

We had hot finger foods and cold as well. There was champagne and wine and desserts. We had the reception till 7pm and then we head for out honeymoon at the Playboy Resort in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The Playboy is still a big enterprise during that time, and my sister in law has a time sharing condominium at their resort. It was a beautiful resort, but after 2 days, I we both got bored and called our relatives to join us at the bungalow.

Today, we had a simple dinner with only relatives. We just finished the dinner of grilled pork loin, beef medallions with red and yellow peppers with Spanish onions sauteed in olive oil with a dash of red wine, mash potatoes, goats cheese in red tomatoes with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, crab in mung beans stir fried in garlic and young ginger with aromatic soya sauce, vegetable egg roll, rye and wheat bread with garlic butter spread on it and dessert of fresh melon and cake. We ate a lot and the relatives was able to bring home lots of left over. We parted ways at 8pm because everybody has to wake up early for the work.

And so Auntie Patti Koh, I look back at those moments in time when we were not yet married. Some of my wife's relatives even tried to reminisce the wedding 28 years back and our first baby. It was a time to replay back in our minds those happy times and challenges that we have encountered for the past 28 years of our life. We wish you have been here also to share the happy times with us.

Sincerely yours,



Blogger kiwipinay said...

huwawww!!! congratulations on your 28th wedding anniversary! I'm sure with your 28 years of being together, ate Eva woulnd't mind if you forgot to brush your teeth! hahah! that one made me laugh!

any photo of that yummy cake? sounds really yummy! penge naman po!

btw, why don't you create a blog where you can share your priceless recipes so we can try them, too? you have been blogging about those yummy food that you serve.

3:23 PM  
Blogger infraternam meam said...

nice for u to visit. yes, i was thinking of creating a blog about my own recipes and other things i know. can you help me on that??

1:39 PM  

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