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Monday, May 28, 2007


My brother in law Jeff busy with the grill.
Nieces and nephews busy playing with each other.Aidan with the ball,Alex on the car,Jonathan behind the car Cora at the back, my son Angelo in shorts and my brother in law.

The smaller dog is mine, named Bombo. The bigger one is Cody, my sister in law's dog.

Bobby, in yellow shorts, friend of my son Angelo with a tomahawk hair and my nephew Alex.

Aja, my eldest son girlfriend.

Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

It is a holiday today, Monday 28May and it is called Memorial Day.

Our family gathered for a picnic at my sister in laws house in Wisconsin. It was fun and my nieces and nephews came together with my youngest son, Angelo and his friend Bobby. My eldest son Miki cannot make it because he is working at the Italian restaurant that he is managing. But his girlfriend Aja came along with my other niece and we had a great time.

We took along our dogs, mine is a mix Shitshu/Maltese called Bombo and my sister in law's dog is Spaniel called Cody and my nephew's dog is a Pomeranian called Kennick. The dogs also had a ball.

We ate a lot and I have to stop and curtail my cravings for sweets because my sugar might go way up high and I will be in big trouble. I need to make my sugar stable.

My brother in law Jeffrey was the one who was grilling the steak and chicken and the salmon kebab. I brought some Jicama(singkamas) and mango salad with sweet ginger dressing and mix vegetable Lumpia without the wrapper.

Kids where all over the place, with all three dogs running after them and barking. Then they started lighting up fireworks and roman candles. In the state of Wisconsin they allow firecrackers. So all my nieces and nephews had a blast. Then they played football at the backyard since my brother in laws backyard and property is big, the kids have space to play and throw balls. The kids was playing with the electric car and as usual I can hear lots of whining and crying from the kids. Then they will play again.

And so Auntie Pattie Koh, it was a nice family gathering and all had fun. The left overs as usual was wrapped and was taken home by each family. Then tomorrow back again to work and back to reality!!

Sincerely yours,



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