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Friday, June 01, 2007



Dear Auntie Patti Koh,
Yes, it is now officially summer and the docks has been kept busy continuously the influx of so many boats that is being tied to their moors at the Belmont Harbor. I was at the place this afternoon, and it was already crowded. The place was already packed with people along Lake Michigan and lots of people are now doing their soccer and baseball in the park and lots of grilling going on.
There are so many activities along the lake and lots of roller bladder on the sidewalk having fun and the bicycle route are also having much traffic, not mention women and men doing their routine jogging exercise with their iPod on.
I will be sailing this weekend with some friends along the shore lines of Lake Michigan. I told my friends that I will join their drinking because I don't drink. Instead they are asking me to prepare lots of finger foods that will not easily spoil and the simpler ones that need to be warmed or cooked I will do it in the boat. Everybody is thrilled that I am coming because my friends has asked me already for a long time to join them in their boat, but I always have an excuse to tell them. This time they are all telling me that they won't accept anymore excuses. So I will be joining them with the promise from my friends that they will follow the rules of the harbor and the Chicago lake police.Since they all agreed that the designated driver for the boat will not drink but I need to feed him continuously, I am agreeing to go and join them along Lake Michigan.
We will be going all the way to the tip of Wilmette harbor and from there will be met by some of our friends who have their own boat also and we will all head out to Zion Illinois where my other friend has a house near the lake and they have a marina where to dock the boats. The we will have the barbecue picnic from them. My friends said the weather has been checked for tomorrow and it will be clear and strong winds.
And so Auntie Patti Koh, I will be going to these friends of mine, but knowing them, I know they will not completely follow the rules and will keep on eating and drinking and I am sure will throw out overboard. I am so happy they cannot force me to smoke and drink. They will not force me, because they know what will happen if they force me.
Thank you,


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