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Friday, February 15, 2008


Dear Aunti Patti Koh,

Last Monday,11Feb.'08, we were dismissed early from schoo because of the winter storm. The weather is so bad, and it was so hard to drive and see the road. The snow was falling and the road was so bad because it has not been salted and plowed by the city yet. I had a hard time driving along the route I always take to get home.

My school is at least a good 45 minutes drive in good weather and good rod. But today, it is taking me forever. There's lots of accident on the road that I have passed by. Cars are on the ditches or just gets stalled on the road, waiting for assistance. You can see the driver of the road in their cell phone most probably calling for help or assistance.

I have been driving for at least 20 minutes, around 20 miles already, when I noticed that the dash board of my car is showing red lights on different symbols of the car. I was praying that if anything will happen to my car, I wish and hope I will reach my house first, because it was so cold and the storm is really doing its best. Snow is hampering all the movements of the cars on the road, and to top it all it is already 9:45 Pm and I am still far away from my house.

Then the inevitable thing happened. My car stopped right ar the corner of Martin Luther King Road and Washington St, underneath the stop light. The entire engine just went dead and there is nothing except the faint blinking of my emergency light. It was good there is not much traffic on the road because of the weather, and there is the BP gas station across from where I parked. I went to the gas station and asked the gas attendant if they have a towing truck that could tow my car to my house. She gave me instead a number to call, which I did.

The tow company was very nice and very polite. I know that when there is bad weather, and there's lots of stranded cars on the road, these towers have an attitude problem. This guy who answered the phone told me he is his way home because nobody is calling him for service. Then he said, his shop is only 10mins away from where my car is standing. I was very happy. My adrenaline was really pumping. The driver told me he has a flatbed truck to haul my SUV. He said he prefer cash, so I told him I will pay him in cash if he will stop by any bank and I can use the 24 hour ATM machine. It was then agreed upon, that I have to pay the towing company US$90.00, so the truck came and the driver is very nice and very polite.

During the time while I was waiting for the towing company to arrive, while I was standing infront of my car, in a blurry night of snow, there was this man who stopped and asked me if I need help and was offering his cell phone for me to use. I politely thanked him and told him a tow truck is on its way and I waved at him. Then after a few seconds, another car stopped infron of me and there was these elderly couple in the car asking me if I needed help and I politely responded that there is a tow truck on its way and thanked both of them for the offer of help. Then Dominos Pizza deliver car stopped infront of my car and the delivery guy asked if I needed help. Again, I politely advised him what is happening and waved at him goodbye.

Then the tow truck came.

And so Auntie Patti Koh, I cannot believe that there are these Good Samaritans who have stopped for me, and I cannot believe that it happened in a place that is not that good of a neighborhood, in the aread called North Chicago. There's still lots of good people out there, no matter what you say and stories you hear about this particular place. Maybe I did something good, that is the reason I received something good also in return.

Sincerely Yours,



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