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Friday, November 28, 2008


My youngest sister in law at the dining table with my mother in law.
Mike, my niece Kristen's boyfriend with their friend Allison and his boyfriend.

My brother in law in the middle and my nephews, left Noel, Drichmond and Vincent.

My Irish brother in law Owen and his children Cora and Aiden.

My niece Kristen and her boyfriend Mike.

Me with Wanda, Jake and my nephew Kevin.

My wife with the rest of the relatives.

My mother in law with her some of her grandchildren at the dinner table.

Dear Auntie Patti Koh,
It was a tiring day for me. I was working in the morning of Thanksgiving until 12 noon and then I have to rush cooking and helping with some finishing touches with the Thanksgiving party that was held at my sister in law's house which is only four blocks away from my house.
The relatives, especially the nieces and nephews came. They are hungry and made some space in their stomach for the feast that they know will all be for them. It was a lot of eating and drinking and most of all, plenty of sharing stories and other happenings in their lives.
Kristen with her boyfriend Mike flew all the way from New York city just to be with the family. They will driving back to New York city with a U Haul because Kristen wants to sleep in her own bed. Everybody was joking her, that she does not need her own bed. But she still insists that she can only sleep in her own bed.
Aside from the traditional Turkey, we have also pork loin roast, leg of lamb, mussels in angel hair pasta soup with baby bokchoy, spicy chicken wings, lentils, mashed potatoes, greens and lots of desserts in the sweet table.
It was a good Thanksgiving Party, Auntie Patti Koh. It was a time of being close to all the nieces and nephews and friends. I was not able to eat all of the sweets and desserts at the sweet table.


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