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Thursday, January 15, 2009


I just finished removing the snow on one side of my car. It is so cold outside.
This is the view of my driveway from the street. I just finished plowing the driveway.

This is the garbage bin. I have to dig the whole thing at the front house because it was covered with snow.

The view of the house from the backyard.

My car with the snow blower/plow that I am using to remove the snow.

This small plow helps me a lot in removing the snow. It is run by gasoline with special oil.

My son's Angelo's car completely covered with snow.

Dear Auntie Patti Koh,
Last Monday, we were hit by a snow storm. It was so brutal and made lots of school closed and plenty of people has to stay in the warming stations. It is so bitterly cold outside. Right now it is 13 degrees below and the wind is brutally cold. I was at work early this morning and I was bundled up completely, including wearing an insulated gloves.
I just filled up my gas tank awhile ago because I don't want my gas line to freeze. I have already checked my anti freeze and the windshield wiper. I have also placed a blanket inside the car and some crackers. I have placed the cable jumper in the trunk in case there will be problems or in case I need to help some stranded motorists.
My wife and I went grocery shopping this afternoon and bought some basic necessities for the house, even it is only the two of us. We have plenty of can goods in the house and the freezer upstairs and down at the basement is fully stocked anyway. I have placed some two packages of chicken and steak inside the car so that it could freeze inside the van. I have no more place to put it inside the freezer in the house.
And so Aunti Patti Koh.....this is the life during winter in the States. I cannot complain about it because this is the place where I decided to live and stay.
Sincerely yours,


Blogger Kiwipinay said...

ay! parang ayaw ko na yata ng snow! di ko carry ang mag pala! buti kaya mo pa, kuyang! ako, masakit na mga balakang ko magwalis lang. hahahahaa!!

2:43 AM  

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