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I am now at the prime of my life and have been married for the past 25 years. Sickly at times, but wants to see the elixir vita, so that I will be able to see my grandchildren from my two boys.

Saturday, October 21, 2006


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

Have you felt on a particular day, when the weather is so gloomy and cold, not to mention the changing of the color of the leaves around you, and then you have to come to work at night!...

I work from 8pm to 430am and I am so disgusted about my schedule.

Today, I called in sick. I told my wife, I am sick in the head, because I really don't want to go to work no matter what happen. So I did, I just stayed at home and prepared a good meal and read a nice book and did my blogspot. That was fun.

I have been with this company where I am working right now, and I have never had weeked and holidays off. Our schedule is given for a duration of six months period and one has to bid for a specific lines with specific days off that changes every month. But now the new schedule has a permanent days off for six months. In my more than 10 years working in this company that I am working with, I have never had the priviledge to be off on a weekend. I hate it.... but I still have to work.

I work for the bills and the bills is up to my neck. Its good I could still feel my neck..if not, that is the end of me.

So Auntie Pattie Koh...maybe after all I am really sick!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

I just got back again from New Jersey, to attend and celebrate the baptism of my grandnephew Jordan last 16 Oct. It was one good party after the Cristening. Only family and close friends.

I have to brag about the food to you, because I did the cooking for the party and I am proud of what I did and have created. I was told to cook for small group of people only, but knowing my ability to cook and not knowing how to cook for small group, I did it again. Cooked a lot. Here's what I have cooked and created:

The started is called Three Happiness, Shanghai Egg Roll, Pinsek (stuff wonton with shrimp) and Vietnamese egg roll with vermicelli noodles inside and spicy. Then we have salad with turnips, green mangos, tomatoes, carrots, vidallia onions, yellow pepper,cucumber in red wine vinegar dressing. The main entires was steamed pink Tilapia, de-boned and placed in a colorful platter with all the trimmings and decor. Then we have Mafo Tofu, ground pork with tofu and the spicy sauce,we have Pancit Bihon guisado, Jumbo shrimp in red pepper sauce, Barbecue Pork fried rice. The roast beef, pasta, meatballs and spaghetti salad was given by the grandparents side of my grandnephew in law. The sweet table has chocolate cake, and I made Leche Flan (custard) Buko Pandan (young coconut in Pandamus oil) with tapioca pearls and green gelatin, in coconut milk cream sauce.

And so Aunti Patti Koh, I am back home and is trying to recover for another day before I go back to work tomorrow. I never regretted the cooking I did, no matter how laborious it was. I made my family happy and smiling including the friends.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Dear Auntie Pattie Koh,

On Thursday 12 October, my friends at work will give me a retirement party.

I have filed for an early retirement package, because I can see what is happening in my department. One can read the writings on the wall. The call center, for this airline, where I am working is about to move to New Delhi. At present time, there are already some Indians who are answering the calls.

I have thought about this for a long time, and yes, O finally have come to a conclusion that I need to get out of that palce while there is still some benefits left if not caught by furloughs, which is happening left and right in this company where i work.

I am not that old Auntie, I still need to work until I reach the retirement age to collect social security pension, which is 67. Still a long time. But at least the tension and the pressure at this work that I hold for this airline, will be able to ease my burden and my Neurologist was telling me will make lots of my illnesses disappear and the nervouse tension affecting my body including my Type 2 Diabetes, he said might be stabilized and eventually will not give me further problems.

My friends told me not to worry about the food. They will come and bring their specialties. But lots of them is asking me to bring the Shanghai egg roll, which all of them are dying for.

So Auntie Patti Koh, I will try to exit from this company qietly. I don't need a lot of noise and funfare. I prefer the quiet exit.

Friday, October 06, 2006


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

I have this co-worker who is a very nice and gentle loving person. She has been with the company for the past 19 years of her life and we, as a whole in this department are like family. It is because we work in a call center for complaints of passengers who boarded the plane of the airlines that I worked for.

Last August, out of the blue - Judy approached me and showed me a lump on her right side of her neck. I told her I am not a doctor but I suggest she check with her primary doctor and asked to be given a referral to see an Oncologist. She was asking me, why an Oncologist. I told her because this is a lump and it is better a specialist to see and check it. I did not tell her, that the reason I said that, is that the same manisfestation showed when my kid brother was diagnosed to have cancer of the esophagus. On 12 August, she came to me and told me that she has seen the Oncologist and was told that she has cancer of the esophagus and it is on its very late stage that it has affected some of her internal organs. She was also advised to prepare herself for the worst, she has only three months to live, the most. All of us at work on duty that time cried and have forgotten our phone line flashing its read lights. I don't give a hoot about the phone, I need to console my friend. I asked her to seek another opinion, but she said she did see a good doctor and its now time to prepare and put things in order.

She declined ChemoTheraphy.

For some reason carried by emotions, I wrote three poetries for Judy and I want to share it with you.

Judy died Monday 02 October '06 and was cremated and the service was held prior cremation, yesterday 05 October '06.


To a Lady named Judy


..... i know that there is Somebody up there covered with clouds and surrounded by mighty thunder and lightning;

..... i know that there is Somebody up there that can create tremors when HE speaks;

..... i know that there is Somebody up there who listens and checks on people;

..... i know that there is Somebody up there who gives strength to people who are weakening;

..... i know that there is Somebody up there who understands and listens to people in trouble;

..... i know that there is Somebody up there who LOVES ME SO!

(by C. Delos Santos/09 Aug.'06)


..... I was walking one time afterhearing my sister's fate and her child. I was troubled and weary, but then I heard a voice saying to me,
"go ahead and take care of that child, your blood line, and I will be there to help you."

..... I was so depressed and wanted to yell and scream, thinking that I cannot handle the problems of my family, but then I heard a voice saying to me,
"you will be able to overcome all these problems in life with your family, and I will be there to guide you."

..... I was so downtrodden with my son's health problem, I don't know if I can overcome this for my son's sake, but then I heard this voice saying to me,
"your Love for that son of yours is enough to get him well, I will be your partner in the Love that you will give him."

..... I was overcome with emotions with my work and all, I wanted to give up and just turn my back on everything, but then I heard this voice saying to me,
"you will face the challenges, and you will overcome it, because I will guide you and help you."

..... I discovered that I have an illness that is very serious, I asked myself if I can handle it, but then I heard this all soothing voice saying to me,
"you will suffer, but this will be a start of a new life for you."

..... I came to see my doctor and told me that the inevitable, my illness has taken it's toll, but I heard this serene and loving voice saying to me,


(by: C.delos Santos/22 Aug.'06)


..... when YOU gave me these Eyes;
I saw YOU not.

..... when YOU gave me these Ears;
I heard of YOU not.

..... when YOU gave me these Feet;
I followed YOU not.

..... when YOU gave me these Lips;
I kissed YOU not.

..... when YOU gave me these Hands;
I touched YOU not.

But when YOU gave LOVE -- then I FOUND YOU!

(by:C. delos Santos/ 19Aug'06)

And so Auntie Patti Koh, a tragic end for this wonderful and very nice lady friend of mine. She did not even last for three months after she was diagnosed to have cancer.


Sunday, October 01, 2006


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

My younger brother requested me to stay for another day with him and his family and have decided to leave New Jersey Sunday the First of October. So that my wife and I could see the performance of the Pinoy rock group called HOT DOGS, who had flown in directly from Manila a month ago touring the Pinoy community in the states. My younger brother was their alternate guest drummer.

We have driven from my brother's house in Camden closer to Atlantic City and have to pick up the band at the house of the promoter then in a two SUV convoy, we drove to Central New Jesey where the venue of the gig will be. This is a side performance, in a Pinoy Bistro called Bistro San Miguel in Central New Jersey which is at least an hour drive from my brother's house.

When we arrived at the place parking, I thought it will just be a small and intimate group, since this is just a small place to do the HOTDOGS side trip performance.
There was a starting band and people are already in the heat of their dancing and lots of them are already loud, especially the boys from the Navy. There was a smuttering of caucasian in the group and the rest are all Kababayans.

The ticket goes with the performance and the dinner of Sotanghon guisado, Calderetta, Fried Chicken wings, Hotdogs and the rest I cannot figure out because the place is so packed and the light is focused at the small dance floor and the stage, which is the same level with the dance floor.

When the HOTDOGS was introduced, there was pandemonium from the crowd. It was not a rowdy crowd, but just plain Kababayans having a good time and trying to recall their youth when the HOTDOGS was at their prime. The introducing piece was rendered, then another song, then the lead of the group called my brother to sit and play the drum with them on the next number.

My brother did two number with the group and told me there will still be two number that he will be performing with the group. I was so impressed with this kid brother of mine. His rhythm and his tempo and beat on the drum -- I was really impressed. I have seen him in one of his rehearsal with real band, but I have never seen him perform infront of live audience and with the famous group from Manila.

Then the song "Miss Universe" was performed, and the place became more alive and more lively and vibrant. Lots of moving cameras around and it was a riot of fun and laughter and pure enjoyment from the audience as well as with the perfromers.

At least six numbers that has been performed (so far as I recall) then the door at the stage opened up and there was a uniformed New Jersey policeman who took a quick look and glance at the place. Nothing so far has been said, because this is not a joint wherein boys with black shirts and boots and spike hairs are sitting and smoking their weeds. Then after the 6th number of the group, the owner of the Bistro came to the podium and announced in the microphone that the Fire Marshall of New Jersey was there and is requesting all of the people inside the place to step out one at a time for a head count. So the group did follow what was asked, and when we have stepped out of the place with my wife and my sister in law, there were at least five New Jersey squad car at the parking lot and infront of the place with the car of the fire marshall.

Some of the people that have stepped out of the place was already tipssy and loaded and some are already saying things at the hearing distance of the policemen, that is intimidating. A small group kept on chanting the word HOTDOG contienously and then some are chanting Pork Chop contineously and will start to laugh. The police infront of where we were standing was staring at the group who are a little bit loud, and so I came to where the police was standing, introduced myself and explained to them what this group meant to us and the rest of the audiences. I even clarified to them, that the audience are all my age group and they cannot find any teen-ager in the group. The police was very nice and was very polite and jovial with me. I explained to them the message of the the songs that the group was singing and what it meant to people like us who are away from home. I told them, this group represents the sentiments and joy from all of us during the time when the Philippines was in its peak of glory under the regime of the Marcoses.

One of the policeman said to me that the group was very good and they have listen to the songs and he was impressed. Then he said, "Too bad somebody called and complained and we have to respond". I told the cop, they have to do what they are asked and explained to them that the Pinoy community does not bear grudge on them about this. Then I shook hands with the policeman and said our goodbyes.

Then the Fire Marshall advised the owner of the Bistro, that the show has to be put to an end for the evening. Then my brother said that we have to leave the place also, and we left the venue, but there are still people milling around the place.

And so Auntie Patti Koh, the evening of fun for the Pinoys have come to an end and I have no regrets about the sad ending, because at least I saw my kid brother performing infront of crowd who was so appreciative at his drumming skills.