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Sunday, March 15, 2009


Breakfast of Spam, Putok Pande Sal, Creme Cheese, Bangkok Guava and Mango.

Clusters of Mangoes called "Apple Mango" above my sister's swimming pool.
Close Up Picture of this mango they call "Apple Mango".

Cluster of "Apple Mango" nearly touching the swimming pool.

Cluster of "Apple Mango" already touching the pool water.
Dear Auntie Patti Koh,
Last March 03 to 09, 2009 - - I visited Manila to check on
my parents and my sisters at home.
It was a very nice and wonderful visit, but it was so hot there. I had some good times and kept on eating and shopping. I have taken my father twice for lunch after his Physical Therapy at Asia Hospital. We had fun and so did my father who is a gourmet eater.
I stayed at my sister's house, as usual every time we come home for visit.
I was so mesmerized when I came to take a dip at the swimming pool. The mango tree and the Bangkok Santol tree is hovering over the end side of the pool. The santol has all the flowers and I was told the fruits will come out by April. The mangoes at the pool is a different variety. They call it "Apple Mango" because when it becomes mature it will look like and shape like Fuji apple. I went nuts looking at the all the clusters of mangoes by the pool. It is not yet good for picking. I was told by the caretaker that it could be harvested by end April or first of May.
As I was driven from my sister's house to my parents house, I saw trees of mangoes from different house and they are all in clusters and not yet time to be harvested. I was like a little boy wondering in awe on the site of the mango trees with its clusters of fruits. My wife and I are always being served with ripe mango with all our meals and snacks with suman.
And so Auntie Pattie Koh, I have temporarily forgotten the apple trees at my backyard and was overwhelmed with all the mangoes that I have seen during my visit to my home country.
Wish you were there to see it also.
Sincerely yours,


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