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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


My wife's mother and the rest of her siblings.

My wife, her face looking so haggard, with all our grandnephews and grandnieces.

My wife' siblings.

My wife carrying our grandnephew and prepairing the cake.

My eldest son's fiance Aja wearing eyeglasses and Ailene, my youngest sister in law.

Our close and intimate friends.

My niece husband Mario in red shirt and glasses and in full beard married to my niece is Oien and my niece Joyce.

My nephew Kevin with his girlfriend Jill.

My brother in law Michael and his son Kevin.

Dear Auntie Patti Koh,
My wife's birthday is 26 Jan. the Chinese New Year. We already have plans on how we will be celebrating it. We will eat at a nice and cozy Chinese restaurant near Northwestern University with my eldest son Miki and his Fiance Aja. My youngest son cannot make it because he is in school which is 3 hrs drive away from us and his route is covered with snow. All set for the four of us. We even made reservation to this restaurant.
Then come Sunday morning, very early and I was still sleeping because Sunday is my only day off from work. My mother in law called us and said she cooked something and wanted to celebrate my wife's birthday. She even told us that she has already called the rest of the clan to come in the evening for dinner. When my mother in law says she cooked something, rest assure that something is not enough for the family and the clan. My wife asked me in a very cajoling way to give in to her mother. I told my wife, there is no cake and we still need to call at least some of our close friend in a very short notice and I still have to do some shopping. I cannot say no to my mother in law and much more so to my wife. So here we go,
I called my close friends and explained to them what is happening and they agreed to come after church. My eldest sister in law said she already bought the birthday cake and we need to supply the candles and some food. I went to the Asian store and bought some of the things I needed. We still have plenty of meat and fish at the freezer down at the basement. I was able to get back home with the groceries at 12 noon and I started cooking because the relatives and some of our friends will arrive at 6pm.
Here are the recipes that I have prepared. Menudo, since it was requested but without liver on it. I have made vegetable egg roll, fried sardines, boolgogi, baked chicken teriyaki and string beans cooked in sesame seeds with fried tofu on top and puto bumbong(another request). I was able to finish all this cooking at 6pm and everybody is already at my mother in laws house where the party was held.
And so Auntie Patti Koh, my wife's impromptu birthday did happened without any problem....... but I was so tired for the work the next day. No matter how plenty of food I cook for my wife's family, it seems like it is not enough. And of course they have to take home some they said for their lunch for tomorrow at their respective works and offices.
Sincerely yours,


Blogger Kiwipinay said...

wow! belated happy birthday po kay ate Eva! mukhang naging super busy ka nga manong sa kakaluto at mukhang pagod na pagod ka sa mga kakodakan at di ka na makangiti! puto bumbong? sarap! kahit hindi pasko may puto bumbong!

2:41 AM  

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