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I am now at the prime of my life and have been married for the past 25 years. Sickly at times, but wants to see the elixir vita, so that I will be able to see my grandchildren from my two boys.

Thursday, November 30, 2006


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

I am trying to avoid the boredom at home. So what I did is I built a closet, even not perfect, but still could hold lots of stuff. It will pass, as soon as I varnish the outside. Then I cleaned all the junk and old clothes down in the basement and gave it to Goodwill. I dare not touch and giveaway the shoes of my wife or hell will broke loose.

I also found lots of stuff and nice clothes that still has tag on it. I have to sent this to Pinas most probably next month after Christmas. I am getting rid of some of the video that I have copied from the rentals that I did. Those were the days.

I am sorting all the photos and pictures that we have. Four crates of it. Unbelievable. I did not know we have a lot. I have to buy some more photo albums. Looking back at all these pictures makes me laugh and become nostalgic.

Then I am cleaning the wine cellar and will be removing some of the old stuff like suitcases that we dont use and don't need anymore. I have remove some of the Christmas decor that is not needed. I need to get rid of the acquarium. I don't know why I bought it knowing that it is so hard to maitain and clean it.

There is so many works to be done at the house. I will tray to attempt to go up into the attic. I have not seen it no check on it from the time we bought this house 27 years ago. My wife said there might be some stuff in the attic that will remind me of the previous owner of this house. I hope I don't find the Pandora's box up there.

It was raining yesterday and I was at the fron yard hanging and putting up christmas lights at the cypresses and the fence. People are watching me because the rain is mix w/sleet and it was so damnn cold. Anyway, I did it ..... we have a jolly nice house with lights at the front lawn.

And so Auntie Pattie Koh....this is life for me. I don't want to be bored. I will go back to my part time job at the law firm after my theraphy with my Osteophatic doctor.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

Finally, I will be able to attend the Thnaksgiving Dinner with my family at my in-laws house. I am retired from work after all. During the time when I was working for this airline, I have never had the chance to spend all the holidays with my family. I am always at work. This time, my wife and my two boys is so hyper and happy about it. My youngest son has arrived late last night from his school where he rents an apartment also with his friends. It was a three hours drive and so he decided to rent an apartment near the school.

My new dog, Bombolini, Bombo for short will be with us to celebrating our first Thanskgiving all together. My new dog is a one year old ShisTzu, black and a spread of white hair on his chest. Very loving dog. I have not heard him bark yet from the time I have adopted him a week ago.

My in-laws said they will be doing the traditional Turkey and Ham Thanksgiving spread on the table with all the trimmings. I am being asked to make something Pilipino, so I will prepare the Shanghai Egg roll and by insistent public demand I will also prepare the spring roll, and of course I will make some dessert also.

Everybody is looking forward to this holiday. I like it, but I don't have any hots for turkey. It is too dry, and I have the stuffing. My in laws was telling me I am missing a lot. I told them, if I don't like to eat a particular type of food, I really am not missing anything.

The weather is nice, so said the weatherman. Compared to last year's Thanksgiving, there wont be any snow this time.

The amaziong thing about this particular holiday is that - everybody in the States celebrates it, irregardless of race, color or creed.

And so Auntie Patti koh, I am looking forward to this holiday tomorrow and I hope those people who have less than what we have, will be able to celebrate this holiday in their own special way.

Monday, November 20, 2006


Sear Auntie Patti Koh,

Last Wednesday 14 November, I was compelled to attend a birthday party of a co-worker of mine who is a Pinoy. I never and does not attend any gatherings of any of our Kababayans. I just want to be on the safe and I don't want to encounter any Kababayan who - for some reason has a different attitude when in the U.S.

So, we arrived on time, complete with a bottle of red wine that was the favorite of the birthday celebrant (my wife said so). We were dress up properly, because there was no formal invitation. We were invited by mouth by the office mate of my wife. She said her dad will be celebrating his 60th birthday and wanted to invite as many people as possible so that the old man will have fun.

When we arrived at the house of the celebrant, there were already plenty of cars at the driveway. I rung the doorbell, it was opened by one of the sister of my wife co-worker. My wife introduced herself and the office mate came to the door and greetings and "beso-beso" was formally done. We were asked to proceed to the banquet table, where there were lots of food on hand and there were plenty of people already, who presumably has already eaten, because some are watching the favorite TV show, "Dancing with the Stars" and the other group are all men inside the den of this big house, talking about things I cannot connect, so I just opted to stand behind the couch of the group of women and smuttering of men watching "Dancing....

I was so bored because I don't know anybody, plus I am really aloof in the midst of my Kababyans. I went to the kitchen, that has a dining table for 8 and sat down in the empty seat, while there was this Caucasian, seated in one of the chairs and was talking to these Pinay and across from this Caucasian is another Pinoy - who I think is related to this woman.

Conversation ensued and I was just listening. The Caucasian was saying she does not like the term "African American" because there is no such thing and the history of this word was just coined by somebody. The Pinay at the end of the table kept on staring at me as if she was challenging me to answer, but I won't dare because I don't know them and I just want to be in my corner of the world. Then questions about the Philippines was asked by this Caucasian lady. She was asking what ethnic category and origin the Pinoys came from. The Pinay across from me, blurted out and said we are Chinese. I looked at ther and asked the Caucasian lady permission to answer. I told her the history of the Pinoys and why we have brown color of skin and the reason we have hispanic names and culture. I explained to her the other racial blood that runs in the veins of the Pinoys. This Pinay kept on insisting that we have more chinese blood in us than that of Hispanic blood.

So I looked at this Pinay, and silently said to myself that this woman is a dumb bitch. I told this Caucasian lady, if the ethnic origin of the Pinoy is from the area of Pangasinan, especially in the Area of Binmaley, Urdaneta,and the towns closer to the Hundred Islands, they really have some Chinese blood in them because in the early part of the Philippine history (around 8th century) the Chinese is trading in the Philippines at the Pangasinan Province area headed by Limahong and even got married to the local princess named Princess Urduja. The Caucasian lady got so interested in my answer, so the conversation was centered between me and this Caucasian lady.

We discussed about the People's Power, religion to the point of me explaining why the Pinoys are branded to be dog eaters. When the Caucasian lady asked the host permission to leave, I stood up and shook her hands and said goodbye politely to her and she said it was a nice conversation.

When the Caucasian lady left, this Pinay seated with me on this table asked me blatantly...."Who are you and who invited you here?" I told her I was accompanying my wife who is the office mate of the daughter of the birthday celebrant. Then this Pinay asked me..."Have you been in the states for a long time?". I was becoming annoyed with the questioning of this woman. Then she continued on and said...."Well, you know I have been here since 1994". I still ignored her, then she asked me ...."Are you a green card holder or an American citizen?" I looked straight into the eyes of this Pinay and ansewered her...."First, I don't appreciate you asking me questions like that. That is none of your business, but since you started it, I want you to know, I have been in the United States for more than 40 years of my life. My dad is a Philippine scout attached witht he during the war. I am an American and I don't have the habit of asking people questions that you have asked me". Then I stood up and walk to the foyer of the house and talked to the Caucasian son in law of the birthday celebrant and I was very happy and pleased I was talking to a more educated and more polite person in this party and I was in my element talking to this Caucasian guy. We have so many intersting things to talk about. Then this Pinay approached us and said to me...."Oh, you finally met the husband of my niece!". And then this Pinay added another stupid line...."Don't challenge my nephew in law to any historical lecture of yours because he is more intelligent than yours". I was about to answer this bitch, but I was motioned by this Caucasian to stop and he asked me to go to the basement of the house. Then he explained to me what kidn of a person this Pinay Aunt of her.

Then the saying of good byes and the thank you. My wife's co-worker asked me that he was so sorry that my dog Misty, who has been my dog for 17 years died. I was about to answer, when this Pinay butt into the coversation and said to me in Pinoy....."Baka pinaty mo ang aso mo!" I cannot help it anymore, so I answered back this Pinay...."You know, the dinner and the TV show was good, the conversation with that Caucasian lady was fine and intelligent, but the dealings and talk with you is like hell. It is as if I was talking to one of the representative of Lucifer on earth recruitingmore members like you!". Then I storm out of the door and walk into my car, my wife behind me.

My wife asked me what was the scene all about, so I explained it to her. Then she told me that she has forgotten to warn me about the Aunt of the co-worker who invited her to this birthday party.

And so Auntie Patti Koh, I swear to God, I will not attend anymore any of this Pinoy gatherings. They can say I am snotty - which I really don't care. I just don't want to encounter another ignorant bitch!

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Dear Aunti Patti Koh,

Today, Sunday 13th of November 2006, my dog Misty passed away at the age of 17 years human life (84 years on dog's life). MY dog is a pure breed Bichon Frise and came to our life two day after her birth. She grew up with us, even if her mother has not yet whine her from being breast fed.

My dog did not give us any problem. She never disturbs us by making noise and does not bark a lot. She will only make noise when there is strong lightning and thunderstorm. Then she will stick near me when I am at home. She follows me all over the place at the house. She sleeps with me and while I am at work (I work nights), she will be with my wife in the bedroom with her until I come in and go to my own bedroom. I prefer not to disturb my wife when I come home at 330am, she wakes up at 430am and then leaves the house at 530am for work. I don't want to be disturb when I am already sleeping, because I cannot go back to sleep. So my wife had an arragement like this, wherein both of us will have some time and will not be disturbing each other. My dog has been my constant companion at home during the day, after my wife left the house for work. By the time, my wife is about to return home from work, I am leaving the house and will leave my dog Misty behind.

My two boys have their own apartment and so the entire house where we live, is only for me, my wife and my dog misty.

She was in pain last night. I stood vigil with her till 4am. Then I was able to sleep at 4am and when I came down to the basment bedroom where I left Misty, she was breathing heavily and was really crying --- as if in pain but cannot tell me what and where the pain is. I can't take her to any animal hospital. There is nothing open during the weekend.

I cannot watch my dog suffer so I told my wife this noon time that we need to go out and do some errands. When I arrived home at 5pm, Misty was so still in her bed, but she was still warm and her fur is still damp. She just exasperated not too long ago when I arrived home. I took her in my hands and kept on crying. Nobody could understand this attachment to a dog and a loving pet back home in the Philippines. But my dog has been part of our lives for the past 17 years. She was a family and she will be missed very much.

I immediately dug up the grave for Misty, in between the two apple trees at the back yard, then I covered it with five hollow blocks so that no animal will be digging her grave. I lighted a candle in one of the holes of the hollow blocks and it is still glowing. It will glow the whole night. When summer comes, i will fix her grave and will buy a marker for her.

And so Auntie Patti Koh, a portion our lives has been snatched away from us.
We will all miss my dog Misty very much.

She is at Peace and Resting now.
We all Love her and will Miss her badly.

Monday, November 06, 2006


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

Yes, I have been retired (partially, because I still have a part time job)since last 31 Oct.'06. To pass the time, and I won't be bored at home, I decided to do a home project at the basement of the house.

First, I went to Home Depot and checked out some of the manuals and magazine on the rack on how to build a cabinet. Yes, I will attempt to built a cabinet at the basement of my house to have a place to hang coats and other clothes that are seasonal and to keep the rests of the bed sheets and pillow covers.

I was doubting myself at first, but there is this inner conscience in me daring me to proceed and go on making the said cabinet to pass the time. What do I know about carpentry. The only carpentry that I know is when I was in high school and I made a box to keep some of my junk inside and that box is not something to display and be proud of. But this time, I don't care because the cabinet will be down at the basement and nobody will see it..... so I ventured on it.

I bought some materials, used the manual saw to make the work a little bit longer, even if I have an electric saw. (Talking about punishing oneself.) I kept on imagining first what I want, because I don't know how to sketch. Then I started measuring and then cutting the wood planks based on my imginary cabinet that I have envisioned. Then I bought a glue gun, to glue first the cut lumber on the areas and the places that I needed them posted, before I nail them properly. My intention is to make two built-in cabinets, one that has a two tier hangers for my pants and my bountiful long sleeve shirts. Then the other one is a three layer cabinet that will hold on the first level, the bedsheets and pillow cases, then on the second level, to hold the sweaters and other seasonal wears when not in use and the lowest portion will be for the clothes of my wife, (which is bountiful) which I kept on asking her to donate some to Goodwill if she thinks she will not use it anymore..... I should have put my shoes in my mouth.

Then, the final curtain has come. I made it. The two cabinets down at the basement is now finished and the entire frame has been nailed and assembled. The only thing missing is the wall and the flooring of the cabinets. I am taking some time to buy the last of the materials needed.

And so Auntie Patti Koh, I made it! You should be proud of me cuz I am not a carpenter and was able to create a carpentry job. Not a work of art, but the work of my own hands and imagination.

Please don't clap your hands. You are all making me blush!

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

I finally did it. I have retired from my job at the major airline that I work for. It was a relief. I took this early retirement because I can see what is happening in the department. I work at the call center for all the complaints of passengers on their lost bags and other related problems about bags.

The incoming calls are now being answered by these people in Curry Land and now there will be training also next week for agents on the place where I came from. Between the Curry Land and the place I came from, I prefer where I came from. Passengers complains a lot that they cannot understand these people from Curry Land. I am proud of the place where I came from to be trained and handle the calls eventually.

So, I can see the writings on the walls -- so I decided to step down and took theearly retirement. Anyway, I am only interested in the lifetime flying benefits for myself and my wife.

I still have to continue working of course, I am not in the retiring age with Uncles Sam, so I cannot collect yet social security benefit. I have a small pension from PBGC, a government entity handling pensions or whatever wasleft over after we have filed for bankcruptcy. So, I cannot still sing Happy Days Are Here Again.

For now, I keeping myself busy dosing projects in the house. I built a cabinet at the basement to keep the blankets and bedroom linens and other things for my wife. After this, I am intending to paint the basement and the kitchen. I hope my eyes will not give me a hard time.

I told my wife, after the Holidays, then I will send out my resume. I still have part time job anyway.

So...Auntie Patti Koh, I don't know if I can relax in this retirement scheme that I have undertook. I have lots of books to read and I have a blogspot to take care of also. I want my mind occupied all of the time.