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I am now at the prime of my life and have been married for the past 25 years. Sickly at times, but wants to see the elixir vita, so that I will be able to see my grandchildren from my two boys.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

There was this dog food scare here in the states. Lots of pets died eating a certain brand of dog/car food. Lots of pet owners was so scared on what is going on and of course, like myself who is a per lover is also scared and worried because I too have a pet dog named Bombolini..... a 13 month old mic Shitzu and Maltese was ash/blackish hair and a very loving dog.

The particular brand of cat/dog food has been recalled but at the death of some pets. It was so devastating for those who is very attached to their pets like me.

This morning, my dog who sleeps in bed with me, woke me up at 6:30 am and threw up on the floor. His vomit does not have any color. It was just saliva in its natural color. Then I heard my dogs stomach grumbling and that give me a scare. I was talking to my dog and caressing his tummy, like as if my dog is going to reply back at me and tell me what his ailment was.

Then I tried to observed him, but he did not threw up anymore but was not as active as he was. I was really worried. I was doing somethings in the kitchen and I brought up his dog food bowl from the basement to the kitchen and was really watching and observing my dog. But at 1300 hrs. I have decided that I will be taking him to the vet. And so off we go.

The vet checked him out. Did not see any problem, and then check the mouth, feel the tummy, and my dog did not show any pain or discomfort while the vet is stroking the tummy. He did not even howl or growl. So the vet said he needs to eat and asked the brand of my dog food and said thank is not the one that is being reaclled.

This particular dog food that is being recalled is from Canada and they have traced rat poinson on it.

And so Auntie Patti Koh, I was really scared for my dog. This dog is very good and overprotective of us. He does not bark but growl when he sense that there is another person near the house of if somebody approaches me or my wife that he does not know....he will growl and wait until I tell him to stop.

I really love this dog. My previous dog Misty, a prure breed Bichon Friese died on me last November and my new dog Bombolini has taken her place and even I missed my previous dog Misty....this new dog of mine has given me and my family so much joy and happiness. I love this dog very much!!

Monday, March 26, 2007


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

I ordered the cancellation and disconnection of my Internet and Cable TV. I am having somany problems with this company everytime I call them up and ask for things and informations. Not to mention that they are becoming very expensive.

So I called the Customer Service on the phone and advised the agent on the other end of the phone line that I wanted the cable and cable TV disconnected and cancel the service. They were asking me why and really wanted to retain me. So I told the agent on the other end of the phone my reasons and the price that I have to pay, which is very high compared to the other cable and internet provider. There were lots of excuses and promises and lots of negative info about the other internet and cable provider.

But I have already made up my mind and I told the agent I really cannot stay along with their service because it is really very high versus the other carrier and privider that I have now.

So, the agent asked me to return to their closest Customer Service office the black box for cable and the modem for the internet that I have with me. The agent on the other end of the line said if I will not return those items, I will be charge for it.

So today I returned the modem to the customer service. I was not able to return the black box for the cable TV because I don't know which company owns the two ones that I have at home. I need to ask my wife. So this woman behind a glass counter arrogantly and with a chip on her shoulder asked me to remove the modem from inside the plastic bag. Not even appreciative that I was taking care of it while it was in my hand.

So I let the attitude pass.

Then this woman, who is so big, most probably more than 200 punds, was telling me again with an arrogance on her tone of voice that if I don't return the black box I will be charge $150.00 . I have no more patience with this black woman who is as big as a gorilla, so I told her:

"The reason I am leaving your company is because of people like you. And if I get charge of the amount you arrogantly said to me.....I DON'T CARE because I will not pay for it. Your cable guy should have pick up the black box when he disconnected the cable."

And I was so furious and lashed back again to this big ape of a woman:

"You look great behind that enclosure. It remind me of something at the Brookfield Are".

Then I turned my back. Brookfield is a big zoo out side Chicago.

And so, Auntie Pattie Koh....I really don't want to insult other people, but this woman, if I will not answer back at her....she will keep on treating me like as if I owe her something or some money. This woman is an embarrassment to her race. I hate her actuations and dealings with me. Grrrrrrrr!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

I belong to this group called PAX, it is a Latin word meaning to say : PEACE. This group is composed of ex-seminarian and ex-priest belonging to a German congregation and has big seminary, school and parishes in the Philippines.

We are now all married and our spouses are children are part of the group. We have members from different parts of the world and different states in the U.S. including Canada. We have members who are still currently priest(s) and some are still in the missions in Africa, Indonesia and other South East Asian countries.

This year, the Chicago group will be hosting the yearly get together this coming August. The president of the Chicago chapter is so excited and verybusy trying to take care of all the things that is needed for the said event for August. There are different groups that has been created and chairperson has been assigned. I was assigned for the food and the dinner party on the last evening of the events. I do catering and really knows how to budget money and take care of the food and meals. So the end of the month, we are all being called to submit the things that we have done plus the budget needed by each group and the one in-charge of the hotel will have to report the progress of their dealings with the hotel where the venue for the guest(s) and the meetings will be held.

I am trying not to discourage the president of the group, because I have given him hint that before the end of the month, I might give up the chair of the food and catering. I have not informed him yet that I might not be able to attend the four days event at all because of conflict with my work schedule.

And so Auntie Patti Koh, it is so hard to tell the president of the group my intention(s) and what is happening. I don't want to break his heart. He has plan this event since January and looking forward for the event. He wants to show to the members coming from other parts of the states including Canada that Chicago has something to give and show. I wanted to tell him, this should not be a competition...but I cant'.

I am now trying to see other options, because I really don't want to break the heart of the president of the group. He is a good man.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

Last 08 March, I ordered a new internet provider for my computer needs. I have to drop the previous one that is becoming too expensive. So this new one that is now my provider sent the Modem and of course I have to call it in to start the computer. Since I was in Houston for that week, it took another three days before the line could be connected and the net to be running.

I have no knowledge or have any expertise about computer. I only know how to use it and thats it.

So I asked me nephew to look into it and start the process since the modem has been installed and was running. So we called the technical support and it was answered by this young fellow from the Philippines who will not tell us his exact location. So we started the process and this young man in the technical support was very accomodating and very nice on the phone. The line was then connected and the internet is up and running.

All of my nieces and nephews was inside my computer room during the time the tech support isn the Phils. is instructing my nephwe how to go about it. So they all heard this young man from the Phils. how polite and nice he was on the phone. They were so amazed about the public contact appeal of this young man.

After the service was done via phone, I took the phone and talk to this young man and thank him for what he did via my nephew on the phone.

From then on, I continued to communitate with him in the internet and even my wife like how this young man has conducted himself.

And so Auntie Patti Koh, I have a new friend in the web. I have not seen how he looks like, but it really does'nt matter to me and my family. The important thing is this young man is very nice and very polite. I have invited him to come to the states and be our house guest. I hope all the call centers in the Phils. will have this kind of agents. They are an assetto their company that they represent.

More Power to you... E.L!!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

I cannot understand this weather. I was out to pick up my wife at the train station because he commutes and take the Metra Train since she works at Chicago dowtown and we live in the suburbs. It is so hard to park at te downtown area, so she takes the Metra train and then to save some time in the afternoon, I just go to the terminal and pick her up.

On the way to the train station the rain poured like anything. It was pouring by the bucket and the sky is so dark. Then after driving for at least 5 miles to the train station....the rain turned in hale. It was so bad, I could see some car under neath the via duct waiting for the hale to pass by.

Do I really care?

I just kept on driving. I have to be at the train station prior the arrival of the train so that my wife won't be waiting for a long time at the terminal with this bad weather.

Three miles to the train station, there was this car who was driving so fast ahead of me and did not even bother to slow down even the weather is so bad and the clouds was so dark and scary even it was only 4PM. Then three miles before I exit for the terminal, I saw the car who was speeding ahead of me, at the side of the toll with a flat tire. Its good the car did not slip and created an accident.

Do I really care?

With this type of driver who does not have any respect for others and is not so scared about the weather and road conditions should be given a lesson. So I excited the toll and went straight to the train station to pick up my wife.

Then when my wife is already inside the car, and we were on our way home, the rain stopped but the sky did not cleared at all. It was still dark and there was still a looming bad weather and I can see from the distance that the rain is on going to where we live. So, then we kept on driving and we were inside the toll way system and there was bumper to bumper traffic now. Then we saw an accident on the other lane of the toll way. It was a chain of five cars that bumped into each other.

Do I really care?
Yes I do care. I hope there is no fatalilty on the five car accident. The road is very tricky and slippery.

And so Auntie Patti Koh, at times I cannot control myself, saying to myself that I don't really care. But there are some situations, that one has to care. We need to feel also at times the situations and feelings of others, like the chain of car accidents. I pray to God nobody is hurt.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

I was at the mall today but have no intention of shopping. I am not a shopoholic. So I was just looking around, then there was this commotion at the jewelry counter of this store where I was just snoopin' around and trying to let the time pass before I pick up my wife at the train station.

At the jewelry counter, there was this lady, whose voice is already loud and was arguing with the manager and saleslady. I was standing at the next counter where all the sweet things are and I can still hear this whinning woman, demanding that she be reimbursed if the store cannot change the item that she bought. The manager was saying that he cannot reimburse her no can he changed the item that she is returning because this is a jewelry in a jewelry case and she has already destroyed the case and the earring in the set one of the stone is missing. The woman kept on yelling that it was given to her like that and she did not destroy the case and the earring.

The manager said, there is no way that we will sell jewelries like this, wherein the case is destroyed. So he was showing the rest of the jewelry sets the same ones that this woman has purchased and was returning back. Then the manager said, we will not accept and replace any item that you have bought more than 30 days ago.

The more the woman yelled and was making a scene at the jewelry counter. She was shoving the receipt and kept on saying it has not yet been more than 30 days when she purchased the item. The manager then scrolled back the computer/cash register and printed the receipt of the purchase and gave it to the woman. This time, the woman is yelling that the saleslady was yelling back at her. She has to be compensated because she was discreminated upon by the sales lady. The manager said that he was in the hearing distance of the saleslady and never heard the saleslady raised her voice on this lady, until another customer approached the group with all the onlookers and said she is willing to testify that the saleslady did not yell at this hysterical woman.

I was about to leave the sweet counter, when a little boy of ten came forward and said in Tagalog to the mother :" 'Nay, huwag mo na daw ipagpilitan yan isoli sabi ni ate, kasi ginamit mo na daw ng maraming beses 'yan".("Mother, dont force yourself in returning the item... my sister said, because you have used that many times")

Oh my God!! I said quietly to myself .
Then I walked out of the store without looking back.

And so Auntie Patti Koh, I wanted to sing "Woe, is me...shame and scandal in the family", but I stopped myself because I have no talent for singing nor do I have the voice and tempo for the song. I was just so embarrassed when I found out that this whinning woman was a Kababayan!!

Monday, March 19, 2007


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

I did it again, which I have promised I will not repeat and do again. I attended a Pinoy party in the city. I did not enjoy the party. It is not the food, it is the ambiance and the atmosphere of the place. No offense meant, but for some reason the conversation of our Kababayans are all centered again on where they work, what they do, how much money they make, how many cars they have, the place where they live, how big their house is and the environment where they live and other things to show off, in my opinion.

My wife was mingling with her friends, I kept to myself in one corner of the house and pretend to enjoy the party. I like the food, and just kept on looking at the buffet table and tasting one delicacy, one at a time just to kill the time and pretend I am busy with my food.

One of the guest approach me and introduced himself. I gladly took the hand and smile with no pretense. I wanted this man to feel that I am not stiff and have a chip on the shoulder. I don't know how to start the conversation, so I just continued on eating and lookin at my plate. The guy was very polite and nice enough to strike a conversation about the food and the many guest and people that have attended the party. Amazing to note, it was a birthday party for a 4 year old girl, but majority of the guests are adults. I can only count with my fingers the numbe of children that attended the party. Oh well.

This gentlemen that approached me and introduced himself, gave me information where he works. Then he started asking where I work and I said to myself, I hope this guy will not ask how much money I make, because that will really spoil my evening. So our conversation went from culture to intellectual things and trivia. I gave him what I know and answered him straight if I don't know the answer to his question. Then the greatest error in our conversation did came and he asked how long I have been working with the airline and how much money I make. Politely, I said.... I don't make much money like the nurses and doctors and dentists and all those who work in the medical profession. This man said he was a radiologist and so I congratulated him and told him that he is fortunate because his profession cannot be outsourced.

I wanted to live and get out of the situation, but this man was so persistent. I kept on praying that my wife passes by infront of us and I could make an excuse and I also kept on praying that somebody call me in my cell phone so that I could stand up and move away from this guy. But I am stuck with him, so I did the role of a nice person and a good mixer. The conversation went on and on, circling around the work and salary and achievements. Finally, I was in the verge of giving a piece of my mind to this guy, until the host approached me and ask if I wanted to check his collection, whatever that is.

I went to see the collection of stamps of the host down at his den at the basement. And then, while we were trying to peruse the books of collected stamps, the host told me that he can see what is happening and so he rescued me. I told him the truth and he told me also, that we are the same. He always try to avoid Pinoy parties and get together. We talked about the stamps and I told him how King George of England collected the stamps and up to now it is at the vault down at the basement of the Buckingham Palace. He was so enthusiastic about it and we talked forever, discussing history and stamps and other collections that some famous and not so famous people do.

And so Auntie Patti Koh, the evening was not a waste for me. I was able to meet a person, who has the same feeling like I do and we have good time together discussing history and important events in the world. Then I found out before we left the house, that he was also a former seminarian like me who walked out of the ordination a month before.

What a conincidence.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

I was already trying to keep all of my winter jacket down at the basedment, thinking that the mild climate and temperature will prevail. After I have done hanging all the winter jackets and storing them individually in their respective plastic bag, the temperature dropped. I was freezing my ass when I was out because I was only wearing a very light jacket.

I have also started clearing the dried mums from last season and wanted to begin the process of fertilizing the ground so that my flower box will start its new roots and the mums will be healthy and more brighter when it comes for spring and summer. The weather have also confused them.

My tulips and daffodils have started coming out, the there was snow on the ground this morning. I am so utterly confused with this weather.

The apple tree needs to be trimmed so that there wont be lots of branches hovering thru the ground. I hate low branches in my apple trees, because this is the place where I always do my cookout during summer time, under the shade of the apple trees. There are three of them, and they are sheltering also the grave yard of my loving and precious dog Misty. I cannot trim the branches because there are still snow on the ground.

The cypress trees needs to be trimmed also to give some light on my front lawn. This has to wait also until such time that the weather man really predicts that there will be nice weather and temperature to come.

Sometimes, I feel like going back to Pinas and spend the time out there, because it is only sun and rain. But I was just there last month and the heat was so bad that it really gave me a hard time. So now, I am in cold weather and my sons was telling me that I have to get used to it since I have lived in the cold weather for the past 38 years of my life.

Now the sun is shinning outside the window and it is so bright. But don't be fooled, the wind is cold and it is unbearable. I cannot even walk my dog outside even the bright sun is shinning.

And so Auntie Patti Koh, I have to contend myself with the weather. This is the place where I relocated and this is the place I should appreciate and love, even the weather is unpredictable and at times cannot be understood. Ob-la-di, goes on !!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

I went for an interview in a very prestigeous foundation taking care for the Dounce Syndrome.I have a niece who has Dounce syndrome and I have come to respect these people and come to love them also during the time I was attending to my growing niece (from my wife side). I do volunteering job during summer time. It was a very nice experience and worth the time also.

I wanted to put up a house for these God's creatures and needed some more experience. So I went for an intrerview and wanted to work in one of the houses for the foundation. If I have gained enough experience(s), I will put up a home called (CILA) Community Integrated Living Assistance. Now that my two boys have chosen to be on their own, this is the time I need something to pass the time away, like as if I cam taking care of kids, special kid to that effect.

I have observed and learned a lot from my niece. She could utter words and could comprehend. She knows what is happening around her, and she even works for some hours in a restaurant clearing dishes and putting it in a bin for washing. She is being treated in the house as a normal person and we give her lots of love and patience. We were told about the life expectancy of the Dounce syndrome and we are prepared for it. My niece is now 32 years old and hopefully she could still live longer with still lots of people around her, giving her lots of love and understanding.

My wife's sister has already applied for admission her daughter to be accepted at Mesicordia House of Mercy. This is a housing and a small community for the Dounce syndrome. Run by the Catholic Charities and its beautiful. They are interacting among themselves with lots of activities and plenty of time to learn and understand the people of their kind around them. They even have a coffee shop inside the complex and a store called "Twice Blest" selling products and crafts made by the community.

I don't feel sorry for them. They are really God's children who does not have any worries in the world. They are always young at heart and will always have a pure heart.

And so Auntie Patti Koh, I am crossing my finger that I get accepted for this type of job and type of challenge. I know I have plenty of things to share with them, both emotionally and physically.

Monday, March 12, 2007


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

I went to Houston, Texas last thursday 08 March and while passing thru the security at O'hare International airport, my ticket and my wife's was checked by this female security guard not belonging to the TSA. It was a printed paper confirmation that does not even look like an airline ticket at all because we are NON-REVENUE passenger(NRSA) because I work fo the airline.

I was trying to explain to this female security (from another race) that I work for the airline and was showing my airline ID, which I always does - but for some reason this woman arrogantly made a remark that really startled and baffled me. I did not respond to the remarks, nor did my wife. We are used to this type of people, who - given a small time, low paying position in an area like the airport and elsewhere that deals with people, makes these type of people think they are somebody already and brings about the air a arrogance in them and the chip on the shoulder attitude comes out.

Our IDs was checked. My wife presented her valid drivers license and when it was already my term, I showed the airline ID hanging in my neck, and this woman read it first just to tell me she wants another form of ID. This time this I know this woman is just trying to give me a real attitude problem. I have never been asked by TSA much more so by this airport line security another ID except for this woman. So, I dug into my carryon bag and gave myself some time looking for my passpost.

This woma said : "You are holding the line".
So I responded to her: "No, you made me hold the line. You wont accept my airline ID, and you are demanding another form of ID, so you have to wait I am looking for my passpprt. Until I get it and present it to you, I will hold the line and if there is a problem on this, call your supervisor and let me deal with your supervisor".

Finally, I got the passport and this woman started opening the pages of my passport and was trying to read the entries and the different places and countries I have visited, plus the additonal pages that was inserted in my passports.

I told this arrogant woman: "You are supposed to check the first page of the passport with my picture only, and not to scan the other pages because you don't work for immigration nor are you an immigration inspector".

The passport was then handed back to me, this woman initialed the paper ticket and handed it back to me. I was just staring at her, and was thinking that this woman most probably has a personality problem growing up and most probably came from the HUD.

I walked away from this woman and never looked back. I don't want to spoil my trip.

And so Auntie Patti Koh, there are really lots of this kind of personality in the states, especially this particular type of race of people. Their arrogance at times becomes so irritating that at times one cannot blame but to look down on them and at times some of their kind that is not like them are treated same and with stereo type attitude by othe people.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Dear Auntie Patti Koh,

This Friday 09 March, we have to leave for Houston, Texas to attend the wedding of my wife niece. It was an anticipated event and all preparations have been made by my wife's family to able make this wedding nice and really a good occassion and a family gatherings and reunion also. So family members from Hawaii and New York and Chicago is flying into Houston the attend the said wedding.

My wife is such in a hurry to return back to Chicago and wants to take the flight out of Dallas Forth Worth on Sunday the 11th to be able return to her work monday 12Mar.

I was telling my wife, if the wedding is Friday and then there will be dancing and stories and family gatherings, it might take the whole night of Friday until the wee hours of Saturday to finish the event and the party, then suddenly -- early in the morning on Saturday we have to take the trip to Dallas Forth Worth. Since we are standby passenger, because I work for the airline, we have to travel to Fallas Forth Worth from Houston via Greyhound on a 7 hours bus ride. The flight from Houston Airport is fully book and the only flights that could be able match what my wife wants is at Dallas Forth Worth.

This is the agony of flying standby and as an airline employee.

We were told to bring our traditional Barong Tagalog, even I know at night it is cold in Texas. We have to wear the traditional, since the groom is a Caucasian. I am bringing my suit also, just in case the temperature there is not for the Barong Tagalog.

And so Auntie Patti Koh, I cannot understand the complexities of wedding and the time and efforts and the many hurdles one has to take care of just to have this wedding or anybody's wedding. I got married with only 55 people in attendance, in a balmy morning of June 26 years ago. It was only appetizers and champagne and non-alcoholic beverages for those who does not drink any alcholhol like me. For me it was a simple and nice even of my life. I decorated the church to be austere on the budget. I bought the flowers from a cut rate flower store, I cooked the appetizers and Hor'deuvres and the cake is not a traditional wedding care. It was a big flat care, covered with all the fruits in season and it was very colorful. We were wearing simple outfits, my wife is in her eyelet cotton white dress and I was wearing my Barong Tagalog.

There were no dancing, as opposed to the traditional weddings that needed some dancing and even alive band to that effect. Those are all money. And I dont want to be extravagant on a one day affair. Yes -- I am very stiff and very frugal. But I can boost that after the wedding I don't owe money to anybody that has been spent on this wedding of mine.

My wedding also is so simple, and so austere, the pictures are not that many. The entire wedding pictures got lost and only one picture survived. This is the only remembrance that we have that we are really married and the even really happened.

We have celebrated two years ago our 25th wedding anniversary and it was the same. There was not funfare, our friend who is a catholic priest celebrated an anniversary mass and then we all ate at the backyard of my sister in law, where our wedding took place many moons ago.

I hope the wedding that we are going to attend evokes the real essence of what it is to be tied and the value of the wedding in inself, not just a circus to please and show off to the guests , friends and family.

Monday, March 05, 2007


One's desire to heal the planet need'nt be stopped by death. In Australia a funeral company is offering the green crowd an eco-friendly coffin in which to exit. The boxes are made of wood fiber, 90% of which is derived from recycled materials; natural glue holds them together.

In the U.S., woodland cemeteries are another way the funeral industry has gone green. Here are a few more paths to an environmentally correct afterlife.

In Sweden, you body can be dipped in liquid nitrogen, become brittle, then turn to dust. Remains are placed in a shallow grave, where they would nourish the earth faster than they would with other burials.

A U.S. company, Eternal Reefs, puts remains in a module that mimics a coral reef. The reef balls, which last 500 years, are then dropped into the ocean to create new marine habitats.

By 2012, half the creamtoriums in Birtain will have filters that reduce the emission of mercury, which is used for dental fillings.The toxic metal can cause severe pollution when vaporized.

Cremation conserves land, so companies have developed ways to reuse remains. LifeGem captures carbon from ashes to create shiny synthetic diamonds that can cost up to $20,000.

(Source: Abstracted from TIMEMAG by:Elisabeth Salemme)

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Dear Auntie Pattie Koh,

My wife and I just arrived 03Mar at 3pm at O'hare International Airport from our trip from the Philippines. It was one hell of change of temperature. When we left last 17Feb, it was snowing, and there was at least three inches on the ground. I have to park my car at my office parking lot by the airport and took the shuttle bus of the company direct to the departure area. It was so cold.

When we arrived in Hongkong, there were lots of traffic and the flights of Cathay Pacific to Manila was oversold because of the Chinese New Year. So we decided to stay overnite in Hongkong. We have attended the fireworks display and the parade infron of the Hongkong Peninsula Hotel which was facing the cultural center. It was one hell of a firework display and the parade is unbelievable. Traffic from Kowloon to the airport and Tsing Yi was cancelled. We have to wait until the trains and the buses resumes their operations.

Next day 19Feb, we took the first flight out of Hongkong onboard Cathay Pacific. When we landed in Manila, we were hit by the heat and humidity. It was so hot. My sisters are all telling me that the summer season and warm temperature has started. Quaresma is on hand.

We stayed in Manila for three days then we headed to Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya to visit my wife's relatives there. It was on hell of a trip, five hours night trip and it was as if I went to Los Angeles from Chicago. I cannot complaing because I dont want to offend my wife. We stayed there for the weekend and drove back on the afternoon of saturday. I will not try again going by public transportation. There is no airport there and the closest one is in Baguio and Tuguegarao and still a long drive by car. Oh well.

I took my wife to the Mall of Asia and we had a good time with all my nieces and nephews. We tried the many restaurant and when we went shopping at Shoemart, the problem and the fun begun.

My wife purchased some summer dresses and I purchased some Pinoy CD's and DVD's. The total amount was around Pesos 4,300.65. I was paying with my ATM/Credit card, but the cashier does not want to accept the card because she said there is no signature at the back and it says, "Ask for ID". The saleslady said she cannot accept it even if I am showing a pictured ID. I demanded for the supervisor that came after 15mins of waiting. We asked for an explanation why the ATM/Credit card is not being accepted, when I have just used it at another SM store, their South Mall in Las Pinas plus I just withdrew Pesos 10,000.00 from Metrobank ATM machine. The supervisor said that is their policy not to accept card with no signature at the back. Arguments and explanations, so I decided to pay in cash and give a piece of my mine to the supervisor who is asking me to call my bank and ask them to replace my card immediately. I told her there is an expiration at the back and it is still to expire until june'08. But the supervisor still insists on it. So I told her, she does not know what she is talking about and most probably does not have a credit card.

And so Auntie Pattie Koh, I left that store and vowed not to return and do any business with them when I returned back this July. It is so hard to make these people understand things that they dont want to understand.

Oh well!!